Interactive online homeschool

Virtual school works perfectly for learners of any age

You can now experience love for learning with the Illinois Online School K-12 solution offered by the High school of America. With this interactive online homeschool program, each student experiences the right level of challenge and support required to succeed.

Illinois K-12 Online School

High School of America is an accredited online school offering Kindergarten through Twelfth-grade levels to students in Illinois, nationwide, and worldwide. Most people often ask – how does Illinois virtual school work? It is worth noting that our online school allows you to work on your courses at your own pace. We are dedicated to offering the best academic excellence for our students.

Our highly vastly trained, licensed, and experienced teachers guide students through the steps to ensure that every student has a successful and quality school experience. Apart from full-time courses, students can take separate classes of their interests or attain credits. Students are given access to interactive online courses taught in a flexible online environment.

Synopsis of Online Courses

High School of America is a virtual school offering cyber learning opportunities for students in the state of Illinois. We provide a variety of courses with the flexibility to learn online as follows.

Online Elementary School Program

Part-time homeschooling

Online schools can create a strong foundation for high school education

Online elementary school tuition is offered to students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. It is a preliminary and significant phase of learning, where the student learns the fundamentals of subjects. Our interactive lessons and web-based course material stimulate a love for learning that lasts a lifetime in every student.

Online Middle School Program

The middle school curriculum outline for students from Grade 6 to Grade 8 serves as a recap for elementary grade levels and as a preparatory course and guideline for online high school.

Students in middle school have the advantage of learning advanced academic skills necessary for high school success. In this level, students improve reading, writing literature, analytic skills, and create a strong foundation for high school education.

Online High School Program

High school is the final and critical phase of K-12 education. We offer flexibility in selecting a customized part-time homeschooling Illinois program where students have more flexibility to learn subjects of their interest from anywhere. Students in high school courses will focus on advanced level subjects and choose elective subjects of their interest from a diverse list of online elective courses. High school courses serve as college preparatory courses and nurture students to make them college and career ready.

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