Idaho Online High School

Idaho high school students and parents: you are in luck! High School of America (HSOA) is a trusted premier Idaho high school for private and public-school homeschoolers looking to catch up or graduate early. HSOA offers direct enrollment classes to homeschooled and regular students. We’ve been helping students who are behind in school, struggling with the system, or looking to graduate early for 20 years. We’ll challenge and engage your child in a fun and safe learning environment.

We’re Unique From Other Online Schools

We offer a full high school curriculum. Our program is highly flexible and designed to meet the needs of students who learn differently, such as those with learning disabilities (LD), attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, or other special learning needs.

High School of America is accredited by AdvancED, Northwest Accreditation Commission, and SACS CASI. This makes our courses acceptable for diploma, transfer credit, and credit recovery.

High School of America offers a variety of diploma options which includes the following:

We also offer online middle school courses.

Our Online High School Curriculum

High School of America offers students the flexibility to work at their own pace. The student can set his or her own schedule based on how much time he or she has each day to complete their coursework. This is ideal for parents who are raising large families, have medical needs that limit their time, are homebound due to an illness/injury, are incarcerated, or are part of the U.S. military and stationed overseas.

Our online high school courses are available for self-paced study 24 hours a day throughout the year, making it convenient for you as a parent to help your child succeed with their academics without giving up family time together. We also offer flexible start dates, which means there is no deadline pressure! Our program will adjust to your schedule and needs.

Idaho Online High School Diploma

High School of America’s coursework is rigorous and challenging. Our high school diploma program prepares students to succeed in their post-high school education through direct instruction, interactive technology, individualized tutoring, and small class sizes.

Our high school diploma courses are designed for students who would like to complete their general education requirements and college preparation requirements for a collegiate career path as early as possible. This program will allow the student to graduate from high school in less than five semesters, and some courses may be applied to a college degree at most institutions.

Idaho Online High School Diploma


This program will provide you with the flexibility to earn your diploma while still attending school and taking other courses, such as electives, Advanced Placement (AP), or Honors coursework. In addition to earning credit for your high school diploma coursework, you have the option of receiving a free GED test preparation course within our program, which can help students prepare for their GED exam.

What to Expect from An Idaho Accredited Online High School

High School of America will provide you with the academic support needed to achieve your high school diploma. Our accredited online program offers a variety of ways for students to learn, including video lectures, online textbooks, individualized tutoring sessions, text chat rooms, assessments, and practice exams. The technology allows us to offer courses that are accessible beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Students have access to their instructors at any time during regular business hours or after-hours via a functional portal, email or phone. Additional academic support is available through our Academic Center, which provides transcripts services between institutions if students choose to continue their education in college or university programs after graduation from High School of America.

Homeschool Programs

High School of America’s homeschooling program is a credit recovery and college preparatory program that follows a traditional high school curriculum. We currently offer Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language courses.

Our unique program utilizes a hybrid of teacher-taught lectures and self-paced online instruction to allow students the freedom necessary to learn at their own pace while still receiving direct instruction from qualified teachers when needed. Students can proceed through coursework at their own speed throughout the week by choosing between our online courses or by attending our weekly Saturday classes on campus, where they will have access to all of our teachers for assistance with any questions, they may have about their course material.

Our accredited homeschooling program also offers after-school support services for any student who needs additional academic support outside of the regular school hours. We understand that students with a single parent, full-time job, or other extenuating circumstances may have difficulty completing coursework at their own pace during the week. After-school support services allow those who need it the opportunity to complete tasks without affecting their personal schedule.

Online School for Adults

High School of America’s accredited online high school programs are open to any adult 18 years or older who wishes to enhance their education by earning an accredited diploma. Our staff has helped thousands of students finish their secondary education using self-paced, individualized courses.

Our approach to learning does not include age requirements for students (18+), course prerequisites, or minimum levels of academic performance required before entering our program. We encourage all adults who wish to earn a diploma to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided by High School of America regardless of previous academic history.

High School of America’s accredited online school for adults allows students to gain the academic knowledge and skills needed to pass the GED exam and earn their high school equivalency diploma. Online learning provides college-level courses that can assist adults in pursuing a career or advancing their education.

Idaho online high school courses


High School of America provides adults with tutoring assistance to pass the GED exam and earn their high school equivalency diploma. Our unique approach to teaching students how they learn best helps adults become confident in applying what they have learned in a real-world setting after graduating from the GED program.

College Prep Courses

High School of America offers college prep courses in Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. These classes are specifically designed for students to improve their skills so they may have an easier transition into higher education after graduation from High School of America.

College-level courses are designed for students who are looking to gain extra insight into their chosen academic major. Some students choose to take online courses at the beginning of their traditional high school career in order to experience a variety of subjects before committing themselves to a more rigorous curriculum.

Our accredited online high school program also provides college-level courses that can be counted as elective credit towards GED certification, college admissions, or personal enrichment. High School of America is well known for providing an accredited transcript service which allows our graduates the opportunity to earn credits by taking courses at other colleges and universities after graduation from our program.

Earning a High School Diploma Online: Why Choose Us?

High School of America is a fully trusted online high school that assists students from all around the country who wish to obtain their diploma from home. Our flexible academic structure allows our students the opportunity to schedule classes on their own terms and proceed at their own pace. In addition, we have an extensive collection of interactive learning materials for students of all ages to enjoy while studying throughout the week.

Our academics are geared towards teaching each student how they learn best so they can apply what they have learned in a real-world scenario after graduation from High School of America. We understand how important it is for young adults to understand what they need to do in order to develop as knowledgeable professionals before entering college or university studies; this is why we offer graduates the opportunity to build the connection between their academic knowledge and real-world application.

Higher Education Support After High School of America graduation, our students have gone on to become successful adults who take their education seriously by attending colleges and universities across the United States. We offer each student assistance with submitting required college applications, applying for scholarships, filling out financial aid forms, and preparing them for any enrollment or placement test they are required to take during the admissions process.

Enrolling at High School of America

The admissions process at High School of America is simple and easy, allowing adults to move from start to finish in a few short hours. To be considered for acceptance into the program, applicants must submit an admissions application that will be reviewed by our admission department for accuracy and completeness.

To learn more about our online high school diploma courses and how you can enroll your teenager today, please get in touch with us via telephone or email today!