How to Succeed in 11th Grade

11th Grade Tips for Success

The start of 11th grade is around the corner. This year, you want to be prepared for anything that may come your way. You’ll need to make sure that you’re following these tips and tricks to help ensure success in the upcoming school year!

1.Β  Make a plan

Figure out what classes you will take, what extracurricular activities are available, and how many AP classes you can handle at once. The more time spent on this step now means less work later! Make sure not to overbook yourself though – it’s important to take care of yourself as well. Take some time off from studying every day so that your mind won’t burn out before finals season even starts!

2. Get organized

There are lots of ways to be organized. You can use a planner, an app on your phone, or even just post-it notes stuck all over your wall. Whatever works best for you is fine! The most important thing is that you can access important information quickly and easily so that you always know what’s coming up next in your schedule.

When you’re done with an assignment, take the time to write down your grades. It will be much easier to keep track of everything if you make a list of everything that’s been graded and what needs to be redone.

3. Be proactive!

Picture this: it’s Friday night at 8 PM, but instead of getting ready for a night out with friends, you’re glued to a problem set on vector calculus. Will this situation ever happen? Probably not. You can avoid this by taking some time for yourself first- either an hour or two early in the day or a few hours at night. If you give yourself that time, then you won’t be tempted to do homework at the last minute.

4. Manage your time wisely

In high school, there is a lot to do! You can be involved in multiple sports and clubs, take challenging AP classes, and try out for a play or musical all in one semester. It’s important to prioritize so that you don’t spread yourself too thin! Try to identify what’s most important- is it playing in the game, finishing your homework for AP history, or practicing for tryouts? Then, do that.

5. Take care of yourself!

Even if you follow every single one of these steps perfectly, there may come a time when you just don’t have it in you to keep going. That’s okay! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by schoolwork, don’t be afraid to seek help. Talk to your parents, teachers, or even a therapist if need be.

6. Be confident in who you are!

This might sound cheesy, but it’s important! School is stressful enough as it is – the last thing you need to do is feel bad about yourself. You might have a hard time getting your work done or staying organized, but that doesn’t mean you’re not good at anything! There are always going to be people who are “smarter” than you in some way but don’t let it get you down. In the end, the only thing that matters is your happiness and success!

7. Create a support system

Have people in your life that you can confide in and help keep you motivated. Whether it’s friends, family members, or teachers, make sure they know how to help you stay on the right track. Share upcoming deadlines with them so they can be aware of when you might need help!

8. Have fun!

Before it’s time to get back into the school mindset, take a break and find something that makes you happy. It can be as simple as playing sports with your friends or watching Netflix all day- just make sure that you allow yourself some time to relax and enjoy life every day.

9. Engage in some self-reflection

Take some time to go over what you’ve accomplished this year. Review your To-Do List from step one of this guide to see how many things are left on there! Now, write down all the good things that have happened since the beginning of the school year. Make sure you take time to reflect on your accomplishments. This will be a great confidence booster for when finals roll around!

How to Maintain a High GPA in 11th Grade

Things you need for 11th grade


The end of the school year is always one of the most stressful times, especially when it’s finals week! There are tests to study for, projects to finish, and last-minute homework on top of all that. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed- but don’t fret! These tips will help you survive the next couple of weeks and beyond.

  1. Prioritize!

We all have a To-Do List from step one of this guide, right? If not, be sure to make one! Once you’ve looked over your list for the last time, try to figure out what needs to get done first. Try to think about which tasks are going to take the longest, and plan out a schedule so that you can get things done in a timely manner!

  1. Do the Easy Stuff First

It’s tempting to do things in order of their “importance,” but in reality, it doesn’t work that way. Instead, try doing some of the easiest tasks on your To-Do List first. This can include things like finishing your homework for a class you don’t care about, doing the dishes, etc. Once you’ve knocked out some of these easy tasks, it’ll be much easier to focus on your more “challenging” work!

  1. Use Technology

There are tons of apps out there that can help you stay organized and on task. You can use Google Drive for creating documents, spreadsheets, etc.

  1. Stay Hydrated!

When you study for too long without a break, it’s easy to get tired and unfocused. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water (and maybe some green tea!) throughout the day, and take a 5-minute break every hour or so to let your eyes adjust and refocus.

  1. Take Care of Yourself!

Make sure you’re eating right and sleeping well before finals week rolls around. If you’re already doing that, then kudos! Make sure to continue caring for yourself. Even if finals are over it’s important to stay healthy and give your brain a rest every day.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep!

It may be hard to make sure you get enough sleep with all the studying you’ve been doing, but finals week is no time to be sleep-deprived. Make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night during this time! While you’re sleeping, your brain is working overtime because it’s processing all the information that you’ve been cramming into it. It’ll help you perform better on your tests if you give yourself enough downtime while you sleep.

  1. Talk to Your Teachers

If you have any questions about what’s going to be on the test, or how much weight it’ll carry in your overall grade, don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher! They are there for a reason, and they want you to succeed just as much as you do. If you need some extra help staying on track, they might be able to refer you to a tutor or ESE classroom as well.

  1. Reward Yourself!

Once finals are over, treat yourself to something special as a reward for all your hard work throughout the school year! A trip to an arcade or laser tag is always fun, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it either. You can also make yourself some homemade chocolate or grab a coffee from your favorite place!

The Importance of 11th Grade

11th grade is a very important grade because it can determine whether or not you graduate high school. The requirements for 11th grade are pretty simple but if you are missing any of them, it would be very hard to graduate. For example, you have to have at least 5 credits in order to graduate, so if you were missing 2-3 of those credits you have to catch up or otherwise, it’d be impossible for you to graduate.

11th grade is also an important grade because it can determine whether or not you go to college. You may need a certain GPA in order to get into your dream school and good grades throughout high school help with getting scholarships as well so do your best!

11th Grade Online Curriculum

What to do in 11th grade for college


The 11th-grade online curriculum consists of only four major subjects. They include:

Language Arts

Language arts is a very important subject because it can determine your eligibility for college and career opportunities. You may want to take the highest level of language arts possible so you don’t have to worry about taking classes during college if you decide to go.


11th-grade math is very important because you will be taking the PSAT and SAT during this school year as well as your final practice test before graduation. The higher level of math you take, the better scores you can expect to get on these tests; however, depending on what college you want to go to, you may only need to take the basic level of math.


Science is an important subject for 11th grade because in most colleges it is required in order to get into that particular program. For example, if you want to be a doctor, you will need to take chemistry, biology, and physics throughout high school; however, these classes are usually taken during 12th grade.

Social Studies

Social studies is an important subject in 11th grade because it can affect your eligibility for certain careers. For example, if you want to have a career in politics, social studies classes are very helpful when learning about current affairs and public policy.

11th Grade Grades

A high GPA is important in 11th grade. Although a GPA of 2.0 meets high school graduation requirements, most colleges and trade schools expect a GPA of at least 3.0 or better. Taking honors and advanced classes can increase a student’s chances of earning additional points towards his or her GPA as these classes come with some increased difficulty level.

11th Grade Graduation Requirements

To graduate earn a high school diploma, students should earn at least 21 credits. Standard course credits needed for graduation include:

Recommended Credits for College Admission

  • Math (Algebra 1 and above) – 4 credits
  • Language Arts (English I, II, III, IV – regular, honors, or Advanced Placement) – 4 Credits
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, science electives) – 4 Credits
  • Social Studies (World History, U.S. History, Economics/American Government, Social studies Electives) – 4 Credits
  • World Language (At least 2 years of the same language) – 2 credits
  • Electives (Any courses offered for credit) – 3 credits


Best of luck! This year will be awesome!!