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Are you a high school student who is thinking about how to graduate high school early? The good news is that graduating high school early is often not as difficult as many students might think. This guide will give you all the tips and information you need to know about how to graduate high school early online in an easy and hassle-free way. It will also help you decide on whether graduating early is ultimately the right thing for you.

Step 1: Decide When You Want to Graduate

When figuring this out, keep in mind that it is often easier to graduate a semester earlier than it is a whole year. If that does not seem like a long enough time to you, remember that graduating a semester early from high school requires you to finish high school in December or January.

Step 2: Calculate the Number of Credits You Need to Graduate

Now that you know the good reasons to graduate high school early and when you want to graduate, it is time to do the math. Almost every high school needs students to complete a specific number of credits before they can graduate. It would be prudent to look in your student handbook or ask your academic advisor to determine how many credits your high school requires.

Step 3: Determine Which Classes You Require to Graduate

What you need to graduate high school

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You can also talk to your advisor to learn which classes students at your high school must take to graduate. Your advisor will also help in helping you know how to graduate with honors. This will usually require several semesters of math, English, science, and social studies, and some possible other requirements, such as a gym or fine arts class.

Step 4: Find out Which Classes the Colleges You Are Interested in Require

Often, the bare minimum high school graduation requirements are not sufficient to get you into top colleges. For instance, your high school might only need you to take two years of social studies. However, the colleges you are interested in might want three to four years. Check the admission requirements for the colleges you are interested in joining. Additionally, you can add any additional requirements they have to the list of classes you need to take in high school to avoid a situation where you do not have enough credits to graduate high school.

Step 5: Set Up a Schedule for When to Take the Rest of Your Classes

When you know how many credits you need to take, what you need to graduate high school early, and which classes you need to complete, you will start figuring out how you will graduate high school early. Begin filling in the blanks in your course work, beginning with the classes that are required to graduate. Start adding other classes you would like to take, or would be helpful for you to get into college.

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