How Does America’s Education System Work?

The American Curriculum spans the whole world in Education. It is one of the most popularly used and well-known systems, especially by foreign students who come to study in US schools and colleges.

Adoption of the American curriculum has been growing rapidly over the past few years with a good number of institutions opting for this system, including primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

Many international students are looking at studying in an institution that uses the American curriculum as it guarantees greater success on part of these students when they look forward to pursuing further studies abroad or even back home.

How Does The U.S. Education System Work?

Students studying in America are required to attend school between the ages of 6 and 18 in what are called grades. These run from Grade 1 through 12th Grade. An earlier option to this is called the Kindergarten, which is the year before 1st grade (Kindergarten is not mandatory in most of the states).

  • Primary, also elementary education, lasts until 5th
  • Middle school (also junior high school) covers 6th grade through 8th
  • After 12th grade, students get two options for post-high school education:
    1. Vocational training – this takes a year or two, and is designed for a trade or immediate employment.
    2. Higher education – typically, this is a four-year bachelor’s degree in an academic field or a two-year associate’s degree.

International students in British-style education systems do 13 years of education prior to starting post-secondary studies. Some countries only require 11 years of pre-university studies. Typically, students enrolled in post-high school education in the US require 12 years of education.

How Good Is The US Education System?

The US is extremely influential globally due to a number of reasons. Here are some reasons why International Students should prefer going to a school or college that employs the American curriculum:

1.International Standards

One of the biggest benefits of employing the American curriculum in schools and colleges is that it ensures institutions remain at par with international standards regarding education regardless of their location And hence, even foreign students can expect an academic experience similar or even better compared to what they would have gotten from studying abroad as opposed to staying home and going through their local school/college.
American high school system
For international students who don’t speak fluent English, the American curriculum is a welcome alternative since it uses a language that is more conducive to learning than other systems. The content used in this system is also written and planned with native speakers in mind so many students find it easier to understand.

2.More Employment Opportunities

The country has been in global spotlight for its economic and political prowess and as such, it is the most popular destination for students who wish to study abroad. This means that when foreign students come back home after studying in a US school or college, they are able to find employment much easier than if they had gone some other place. They also have an upper hand over their counterparts since they graduate with qualifications and certificates recognized by employers all over the world.

3.The US Curriculum is More Practical

Success in school/college is not the only benefit that comes with an American curriculum. You will also be better prepared to face the challenges of real life when you look forward to landing a job back home or in another country where the system may employ a different standard of education altogether.

Compared to some other systems, the American curriculum is more practical and less theoretical. It is generally focused on giving graduates skills they can apply in their lives as early as possible, thereby making them better students even before they hit post-graduate studies.

In addition to this, the American curriculum teaches how to use technology effectively for easy access to information and research materials throughout one’s educational career and beyond, thus providing good preparation for facing the challenges of real life.

4.Standardized Content

The American curriculum is standardized in most institutions that use it. Should you choose to study in an institution that uses this system, there are little chances of your classes or exams going out of sequence with those offered by other schools and colleges using the same standard. You will also be better placed when it comes to competing for jobs locally or abroad against students who did not go through a similar system during their educational career.

What Is Wrong With America’s Education System?

In a survey, parents and guardians who want the best possible education for their children are asked to answer this question: “What is your ideal school like?”

Here are some of the responses from the most recent survey. What do you think? Are there any responses that seem particularly relevant to our current state of public schools? How might these issues influence our views about charter schools or vouchers? The report does not indicate how many people had each view.

Parents of students in US Public Schools would choose one of these:

  1. “Education should be based on individual needs. Many children learn differently than others, so we need to have funding for special classes like art, music and PE.” – parent, Ohio
  2. “The schools need to provide more money for all school supplies needed by students and teachers. I’ve heard of schools that make the kids share their notebooks so other kids can use them.” – parent, New Mexico
  3. “We cannot rely on public education because it has failed many children in our society today. Children need to learn from private schools or homeschooling.” -parent, Florida
  4. “It should be a place where parents feel comfortable sending their child no matter what they are going through at home.” -teacher, California
  5. “My ideal school is one that focuses on the individual student’s needs while teaching them real-life lessons that will help prepare them for adulthood such as financial literacy, dating expectations, conflict resolution skills.” – parent, California
  6. “The best school will provide equal access to all students, regardless of their race or economic status.” -teacher, New York
  7. “A great school is one that allows its faculty and other employees the time to be involved with students in an enriching way. Schools are more than just a place where kids go to learn; they’re a place where kids go to learn life skills and values.” -teacher, Texas
  8. “It’s important for student safety that schools be drug-free environments and that teachers have the right to search bags for weapons without a warrant.” – parent, North Carolina
  9. “I want my child to feel safe at his/her school so he/she can focus on learning instead of worrying about bullies.” – parent, Louisiana
  10. “Budget cuts in public schools are not a problem as long as the school has enough funds to allow teachers and administrators to do their best work.” -parent, New York
  11. What questions would you ask if you could participate in this survey? What concerns do these answers bring to mind? Do any of them make you think that parents only want what is best for their own children, rather than for all children? Are there some responses here that support your view about public education in America? Why or why not?

The Online Schooling Alternative

What type of education system does the US have?
You’ve probably heard plenty of times that you should take online high school classes over public school. But every time you hear this, there’s always an excuse as to why you shouldn’t be taking these classes. In fact, some of these excuses might even sound good at first.

However, if you really sit and think about it, maybe they don’t make as much sense as you thought they would. So let’s take a look at some reasons why we recommend students consider taking online classes from accredited schools like ours instead of your local high school:

1.Self-paced Learning

One of the biggest complaints students have about school is that it moves too slowly. And when you’re a student who is ahead of the game, this can be even more frustrating.

With an online high school program, you can set your own pace and move through material as quickly or as slowly as you need to – all from your home computer. There’s no more “waiting” for other students who are “ahead of you.”

2.Additional Learning Resources

No matter how much information a teacher pulls together for his or her class lessons, there’s always going to be areas where some students really want to dive deeper into certain topics.

Sometimes these resources aren’t available at your high school campus and having access to them can really help enhance your education. With online learning, you won’t be limited to the resources your school can provide and instead can find everything you need for each lesson through other websites or apps!

3.Build Your Own Schedule

Some students simply don’t fit the mold when it comes to being able to sit down at a certain time every day and focus on their studies. If this sounds like you, then it’s probably a good thing that you’re looking into an online high school program because this type of flexibility will help ensure that you actually get your schoolwork done – even if no one is monitoring your progress.

4.No Distractions

Since there aren’t many outside distractions in an online high school classroom, it’s easier to concentrate on what is being taught to you. And when you know you have an open internet connection (like at home), there’s never a reason for not doing your schoolwork!

5.Teachers Are Accessible

One of the things that can really hold back a student in a traditional classroom setting is if they have a question or concern about what they need to do next, how to do it, etc. With online learning though, there’s no need for this because your teachers are always just a click away. Instead of trying to wait until class the next day or even lunchtime at school, you can send your teacher an email and get your answer right away!

6.Safe and Secure

Online education has several benefits over traditional schooling including that it is much safer because teachers know exactly who their students are. Your school will also have a way of monitoring what you’re doing on the internet to ensure that you aren’t looking at sites that might be inappropriate for your age or grade level. And finally, since you’ll be working from home instead of attending class with thousands of other students, there’s never any concern when it comes to incidents of bullying or violence – especially if your school utilizes online learning management systems like Moodle!

7.Makes Better Use of Your Time

At first glance, some people might wonder why anyone would want to take classes online when they could just go down the street and attend them in real time. But here’s something to keep in mind:

According to recent studies, the average high school student wastes about 10-30 minutes each day just because of the commute to and from school.  That adds up to over 60 hours wasted just getting back and forth to class! And that’s time you could use much more effectively…like studying!


The final consideration worth making when it comes to online learning is that it can save you a lot of money. Online courses generally cost less than in-person classes (but if your current school offers them for free or low cost, then that’s an added bonus). You’ll also be able to enjoy access to all sorts of books, workbooks, tests and other supplies without paying as much as you would if you bought them yourself.

While there’s no real way to know if online education is right for you until you try it, we hope that our list of benefits was helpful. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is the best route for your high school education, then click here and if online schooling is a good option!

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