How do I Prepare for my High School Placement Test?

The High School Placement Test helps in assessing the academic aptitude of learners enrolling in the ninth grade at a private high school. HSPT assists in determining admission and whether you can finish coursework, including assigning the curriculum level at which the learner ought to be placed. Besides, HSPT scores are utilized by learning institutions for admissions, assigning scholarships, and academic placement.

Because various schools administer the High School Placement Test (HSPT), if you have a state that needs testing accommodations, you should get in touch with the school so as to enquire regarding accommodation offered by the school, including the procedure of making the request.

What Skills will be Assessed, and How Much Time do you Have on the HSPT?

  • Language – 60 questions
  • Mathematics – 64 questions
  • Quantitative – 52 questions
  • Reading – 62 questions
  • Verbal – 60 questions


In verbal skill, antonyms, synonyms, logic, classifications, and analogies are tested. You are required to complete these questions within 16 minutes.


Within the quantitative skill, geometric and non-geometric comparisons, number manipulation, and series are tested. These tests require 30 minutes to finish these questions.


Within the reading skill, vocabulary and comprehension are tested. Students are required to complete questions in this skill within 25 minutes.


Problem-solving and understanding concepts are tested within the math skill. The type of math that is on the placement test is categorized into three; advanced math, algebra, and arithmetic. Students have 45 minutes to finish these queries.


Within the language skill, capitalization and punctuation, spelling, composition, and usage are tested. The time dedicated for questions in this skill is 25 minutes.

How do I Prepare for a Placement Test?

What is a Good Score on HSPT?
Here are top test-taking tips to assist a learner in preparing for the High School Placement Test (HSPT):

  • Consider all the testing directions.
  • Go through the test questions carefully, but don’t spend a lot of time on one query.
  • Pick the best option and attempt to answer as many questions as possible.
  • The scores of learners are calculated on the basis of the total number of questions they answered correctly.
  • Make sure that you chose the answer for the correct test question on your answer sheet.
  • Go through your answers after completing the test if there is time.

Here are ways through which student can pass a high school entrance exam:

  • Seek clarification from your high school if they provide a Pre-HSPT choice. Pre-HSPT is usually provided in the seventh grade by the Scholastic Testing Service.
  • Students can get High School Placement Test preparation resources and books online or at bookstores. These preparation materials can provide study guides and practice test quizzes.
  • For learners who opt for tailored instructions, some high schools that need the High School Placement Test for admission provide test prep workshops and courses. These courses assist learners in building their skills in all the areas that are tested by the examination.
  • Learning institutions where learners applied will provide their testing area. Schools usually look at learners who take their examinations at their campuses for higher scholarship opportunities. It also assists learners in getting accustomed to educators and classrooms of their preferred school.
  • Some learners opt to take virtual coursesthe existing resources comprise a practice exam and a learning guide.

Do Placement Tests Matter?

Placement tests actually matter a lot. Your placement test scores assist in determining whether you are proficient in math and English. In case you are skilled in these areas, you can enroll for the first college-level math/English for your program.

Is the High School Placement Test Hard?

The High School Placement Test is very hard; hence you are required to prepare well so that you can succeed. You cannot just be content thinking of yourself as a language person and a math person. Students have to learners so that they can be well-rounded.

What is a Good Score on HSPT?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) scores are usually reported as percentiles. 1st to 23rd percentiles are usually low, the 24th to 75th percentiles are average,and the 76th to 99th percentilesare regarded as high. Besides, the 50th percentile is the average High School Placement Test score. So, a good score on HSPT might be over 75.

Should You Study for the HSPT?

You should study for the HSPT exams. Studying for the HSPT entails more than just learning the content of the test. Studying for the HSPT exam entails also taking enough time to focus on the real exam. Looking at the actual examination will enable you to study exam details.

A study guide will be your best friend during the preparation of the High School Placement Test. Utilizing a study guide to get ready for the examination will assist you in brushing in key concepts like punctuation, capitalization, as well as basic geometry. When selecting a study guide for HSPT, it is crucial that you utilize one that assists you in getting right to the point of the area where you want to learn. Utilizing a learning guide to revise for the High School Placement Test exam might also assist you in digging deeper into the exam content.

You should not have to wait until the last minute to begin preparing for the examination. Create a learning schedule in order to prepare for the exam properly. Schedule time to study and sit for the examination. Additionally, you ought to decide the areas of the examination you will be studying. This will enable you to retain information better without your brain becoming exhausted.

Are there Breaks During the HSPT?

Your high school might have breaks that are scheduled into the examination. For instance, after finishing a specific section or group of sections, you will be given a break of 5-10 minutes. Also, this is upon the school; hence, you have to confirm this information prior to the day of the test. Whether or not your school permits for breaks, usually, if you have a medical condition covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act that requires students to take breaks when registering for the examination, you ought to ask the school about steps involved when making such a request.

What Should I Do During Examination?

Should You Study for the HSPT?Confirm from your school to find out procedures and policies for the examination day. For instance, some schools might advise that you arrive at a particular time prior to the start of the examination, where others simply necessitate that you reach the exam center when the examination is commencing.

Items prohibited during the examination day are up to the school’s discretion. Some standard regulations include, students aren’t permitted to utilize calculators during tests, and there are no scratch papers provided. Anything candidates write ought to be done in the examination booklet.

Is the HSPT Timed?

Definitely yes! The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is timed, and it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How is the High School Placement Test Scored?

Typically, students are offered one point for every correct answer. There will be no deduction of points due to incorrect answers, so even if you aren’t sure concerning the answer to questions, it is great to make an intellectual guess.

What is Included in the HSPT Score Report?

Your High School Placement Test comprises various scores.

  • Basic skills. This is the total score for the language, mathematics, and reading skills.
  • Cognitive skillsThis is the total score for the quantitative and verbal skills.
  • Percentile rank. This is how you compare to other learners taking the examination.
  • Raw score. This is the total number of questions that you scored correctly.
  • Scaled score. This is a raw score that has been converted. The score scale is usually 200-800.
  • This is your percentile rank, scaled score, and stanine of verbal, language, mathematics, reading, and quantitative skills.

In case you take elective tests for religion, mechanical aptitude, or science, these scores will also be included.

What if You Do Not Pass the High School Placement Tes (HSPT) Examination?

Theoretically, you can do HSPT exams several times. However, it isn’t advised because your lowest score is the one that will be recorded as your final score.

How to Get Started with the High School Placement Test Prep

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