Can You Start Homeschooling in High School?

What to Know Before Homeschooling High School

Congratulations for choosing to homeschool or continue homeschooling your high school learner! We are all are aware that it is a life-changing journey, but it is a choice that might be tense with insecurities.

Most of us who have decided to homeschool throughout high school have known that attending a private or public school is not the best option for our children, and we are ready to make it happened in our homes!

Probabilities are, if you are reading this article, you are ready to board on the journey towards learning freedom for your teen. Here is what you require to be aware of during this high school year.

You are not alone here!
Like any parenting aspect, there can be many benefits and shortcomings. It is crucial to keep the big picture in mind in case you are overwhelmed. We are not homeschooling since we are a perfect parent or perfect instructor – we are homeschooling since it is the best solution for us. Occasionally, during a hectic week or day, we usually forget this, and this is why it is crucial to get assistance within the community.

State and regional homeschooling support groups are found in every part of the U.S. Also, you can get homeschooling in your local community or church. If you still feel isolated, virtual homeschooling support groups may be found on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Planning is Important

Homeschooling throughout high school years can differ greatly from middle or elementary school years. Many high school learners are ready to be challenged intellectually, and they can complete their university or college syllabus to be ahead of others. Also, teenagers can work independently, and they can make decisions regarding their own learning path.

The way you start homeschooling in high school is based on whether you have homeschooled earlier or of in case you are simply beginning now.

Tips to Start Homeschooling in High School

Determine Homeschool Needs for Your Child

State regulations, your own homeschool, as well as the interests and needs of your learner will assist in determining subjects that you require to teach them and when to educate them. In case your learner is college-bound, it is recommendable that they obtain dual credits in the main learning subjects every year.

Make a Plan for Homeschool

After determining the kind of subjects that your teenager will be learning, you will require to have a plan to ensure that it happens. Plan what you intend to achieve during the first year of homeschooling your learners and the coming years. Also, you should make sure that you state down the kind of records that you require to have, how you intend to meet your learning goals, and the way you would track the progress of your teenager.

Reach Resources and Curriculum to Meet Your Academic Objective

Just because you are homeschooling high school does not imply that you have to teach learners each subject. Do not fear outsourcing instructors. Based on where you reside, you will get a wide range of resources, homeschool co-ops, classes, and activities that are near you. Also, your teenager might take advantage of virtual resources from any area of the United States.

You Have Choices

You have numerous choices when homeschooling your teens throughout their high school years. Homeschooling in high school is a respected ad acceptable option for face-to-face learning. Here are basic ideas to use in developing a homeschool plan.

Write Your Personal Lesson Plan

Most parents enjoy writing down lesson plans, particularly in areas they are best. In case you desire planning lessons, or you are excited regarding tutoring a particular topic, you will possibly have lots of fun planning projects and field trips, creating assignments, and ordering books.

Homeschooling with a Packaged Curriculum

How to Homeschool High School
There are many curricula offered for each subject across the world. As a parent, you can select programs that have lesson plans and books in each subject. Also, you may match and mix curricula so as meet the needs of your learner. Since there are numerous options available, it’s crucial to go through curricula reviews before you make a decision to purchase.

Use Online Classes

Online classes or virtual high schools are offered in each state. Some of these classes are developed precisely for homeschooling learners, while others are funded by the government through the public school system. Online schools are the best option for learners who are able to study well on their own.

Use Available Community Resources

There are many community resources available for homeschoolers. As you homeschool your students, you will be a professional in getting homeschool opportunities that are available in the community. Some of these opportunities include volunteer, music, sports, and foreign language opportunities. Also, there are extracurricular and academic activities found in each city across the United States. Homeschool support groups are great areas to begin when searching for resources.

Obtain Dual Credit from Your Home

Dual credit at home is an exceptional program, offering a complete set of Study Plans for students who want to attain college credits for courses they are learning in high school. Learners usually prepare for 13 college-level examinations in main subjects, thus making it possible for them to acquire both college and high school credits for their efforts. The program is utilized by learners chasing traditional college degrees after completing their high schools as well as those learners getting their degrees when still at high school.

Advantages of Homeschooling High School

The outlook of homeschooling high school may seem scary even for parents who have been homeschooling their children from the time they were young. It entails a lot to be in charge of SATs, chemistry lab, geometry, as well as preparing for college and university requirements. Some of the benefits of homeschooling high school include;


Homeschooling your high school learners will enable you to focus more on areas that they are interested in. Homeschooling students provides them with time to get high skills things that interest them such as auto repair, mathematics, creative language, and foreign language. Through specialization, learners can channel energy to the most beneficial areas that enable learners to mature in positive ways. Individuals usually become happy when they develop their talents. Additionally, learners who develop talents are in a better position of getting scholarships and college admissions.


Homeschooling flexibility is important in high schools. Whereas homeschooling students who want to prepare for universities and colleges have to meet some specific requirements, families have the flexibility of adjusting the pacing. Children may breeze with geometry but face difficulties in algebra. Homeschooling in high school is beneficial since it enables parents to customize the learning plans of the teenager so that it can suit their schedule, personality, and unique interest. Homeschooling allows parents to match and mix resources, activities, and classes so as to develop a personalized education plan, which works best for the family. Also, in case your teen is good at grammar, you might skip it completely and work on other aspects like creative writing and reading literature. Learners can spend more time in difficult areas and less time in easy areas.

Time Efficient

Start Homeschooling in High SchoolHomeschooling is time-efficient, and high schools are busy like middle and elementary schools. Students enrolled in traditional schools usually complain of time wastage in high school education levels. Completing assignments efficiently provides your teenagers with greater freedom to enable them to pursue their interests, volunteer, work and spend time with their family and friends.

Develop Individual Responsibility

Homeschooling your teens in high school enables them to be responsible persons. College tutors are impressed with the capability of homeschooling graduates in handling academic challenges. Time at home enables teenagers to study all that it takes to master difficult course materials without continuous supervision or breaking everything into small projects with the probability of additional credit.

Additionally, the common practice of high school or grading of every small assignment doesn’t assist learners in developing good habits for higher learning institutions where homework is not graded, and students require to master course materials. Your homeschooler might learn to utilize time efficiently and prepare well for college.

Earning College Credits While in High School

It is not for each learner, but many homeschooling families are exploring the probability of obtaining college credit. Notably, homeschoolers can get these credits through CLEP or AP testing and dual enrollment courses. These college credits may enhance the possibility of the student graduating early, and it provides significant college tuition savings. Also, it enables learners to study abroad or do a double major.

Even though homeschooling high school might be challenging, but it has many academic benefits, and it provides positive family, emotional, and social experiences.

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