Pros and Cons of Homeschooling in High School

Whether you are brand-new to the homeschooling game or are a long-time home schooler watching the ninth-grade loom on the horizon, the probabilities are that you are worried about those high school years–and that’s okay! Homeschooling is a journey you do not have to take alone. Today, we’re going to take a realistic look at the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling during high school so that you know what to expect (and how to deal with it all).
You have perhaps got a lot of questions concerning what homeschooling looks like during the high school years, how it works, and what you require to watch out for. Here are some pros and cons to assist you in answering those questions!

Pros of Homeschooling in High School

Benefits of Homeschooling in High School


High school is a chance to explore the things that might interest you, and that’s particularly true for homeschoolers. Without the constraints of a traditional class schedule, learners are free to focus on topics that excite, skills that matter, and educational paths that will benefit every unique student.


Homeschooled learners don’t have to worry about losing sleep to make it to an early class, and they do not have to sit through courses on topics they are already comfortable with. When you homeschool through the high school years, you have the flexibility to design and implement a schedule and educational path that works for both learners and parents.


Some learners feel that they are wasting time in a traditional high school environment. Homeschooling permits you to cut down on that lost time by focusing on essential topics only, whether that is a specific interest, a potential career path, or a subject a learner is struggling with.

Cons of Homeschooling in High School

Lack of Socialization

Many homeschool families worry about socialization, particularly during the high school years. Indeed, homeschooled learners do not have the same opportunities to make friends and develop social skills, but that does not mean there are no opportunities to do these things. It does mean that parents and learners have to make it a point to find those opportunities. The homeschool community is thriving with families just like yours who want learners to connect, learn together, and develop life-long friendships.


Cons of Homeschooling in High SchoolRegrettably, it can be a little costly to homeschool a high school student. Curriculum for all those different subjects can start to wear on your wallet, depending on your approach. Nevertheless, partnering with an online school can make that a little bit easier, so be sure to do your research.

Working Without Structure

Some learners are comfortable creating and following their own schedules; other students struggle without the structure imposed by old-style education. It is also easier to get distracted or to procrastinate in a home-education environment. There are ways to overcome these challenges, but it will take work (and probably a little trial-and-error).

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