Typical high school classes

A student can get credits by enrolling for high school elective classes.

You can earn 1.0 credit or 0.5 credits by enrolling in all the below listed high school elective classes. At the High School of America, we offer the semester or full year of the course. However, there is an exception for Psych and Sociology that is only 0.5 credits each. You can seek more information from an education expert if you do not know the meaning of elective subjects. Below are some of the most common online elective courses in high school.

Mass Communication

This course is intended to help students become more aware of the history of communication and how communication impacts our daily lives. Given the vast effects of the media on our daily lives, the Mass Communication course explores how and why they reflect our social morals. They also describe how public policy draws boundaries to what is wrong or right. That is why electives are important in school.

Anatomy and Physiology

Most online schools design this course for students who have taken biology and wish to further their biology studies. Students will study the structure and function of the body’s various cells, tissues, and integrated systems. The course is designed to lay the basics before moving into different human systems.

Foundations of Business

High school classes online include this course, which is designed to offer a fundamental understanding of business management. The course covers managing, marketing, financing, and communicating within a business environment. Skills taught include communication, ethics, financials, problem-solving and decision-making, economics, and basic marketing principles. Students will experience applications supporting the Florida Math Standards. Assignments are individual and project-based and will provide a solid foundation for future coursework.


High School Elective Classes

Just like in typical high school classes, you will learn statistics online.

This course is designed similarly to the typical high school classes to provide a basic understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include standard deviation, combinations, and permutations, the measures of central tendency, probability, sampling, and various distributions. There is an emphasis on applications of statistical concepts.


Sociology elective course familiarizes students with various cultures and the problems resulting from people living in groups. This course includes culture, subcultures, social change, social deviation, racial and ethnic minorities, social institutions, collective behavior, the family, religion, poverty, and crime. The latter portion of this course deals specifically with our society’s pressing problems, their causes, and suitable solutions.

Online elective courses offer the students a chance to select and study what they like. A student can also expand their knowledge in a particular field of study. That is the reason why electives are important. To get more information, get in touch with our academic counselors at the High School of America.

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