We all make mistakes, especially in our younger years. Not everybody can graduate high school in the traditional time frame. If you have a felony on your record, it only aggravates the problem many people face. Some take low-paying jobs and don’t go back to school because they don’t think they have options.

Some prisons also offer options. Once you’re released, you can still earn your high school diploma and even go to college. A felony record may prevent you from taking certain jobs depending on the nature of your original crime. Your education doesn’t have to stop, and many careers are wide open.

For many people with a felony record, taking high school classes online is the perfect solution. You can eliminate many of the concerns you may have going in because you’re not on a physical campus. Instead, you can take classes from your home or office. As long as you have a computer, you can access assignments, tests, and lectures. You can also work closely with professors and other students as needed.

High school isn’t closed to anyone. If you haven’t earned your high school diploma yet, you can earn it at any time. The only question is where.

Prepare for College Online with Your High School Diploma

One of the biggest concerns of anybody with a felony record is limitations. For most people, going back for a high school diploma is all about more opportunities. You can get better jobs and go back to college or a career school. For some who have previously been involved in felonies, it’s hard to see past this point. They wonder who would want to give them a college degree or accept their application. Some prisoners earn advanced degrees while in prison. Particularly if you get out at an earlier age or don’t serve much time, this isn’t always an option.

Mistakes you made in your younger years don’t have to haunt you forever. Depending on the type of felony, you may not qualify for financial aid for a set number of years. This is the perfect time to take high school classes and earn your diploma. It’s not just about getting a piece of paper.

You can take classes that interest you and those that prepare you for college. Whether you continue to learn online or go to a college campus, you’ll need a strong foundation. Online high school gives you a strong foundation in the basic subjects you need to understand. If you want to go into a certain career, you can also take classes that help you prepare. For a medical degree, you might want to consider chemistry and other science classes. If you’re interested in law school, you might sign up for more English classes and debate teams. It’s up to you.

Earn Your High School Diploma Online and Build a New Future

For many people with a felony on their record, the future can seem bleak. More institutions offer educational opportunities going up to advanced degrees for long-term residents. For those trying to live outside the prison system with even one small felony, it can be discouraging. You aren’t given the same options right at your fingertips. You also have to find work while you’re trying to go back to school. Plenty of people will spread myths and tell you about all the things you can’t do because of your record.

High School of America opens up more doors for students of all backgrounds including those with a felony record. You don’t have to be defined by your past actions. It’s just a matter of working with educational professionals to map out your plan. We get students started with the right high school classes. We can help you plan for college and your future. Then it’s up to you to keep the ball rolling.

At High School of America, we see the potential in many of our students to do more. When denied these opportunities, many people are more likely to reoffend creating a cycle. When you earn your high school diploma online, you enjoy the same benefits other students do. You have a flexible schedule with the option to fit your classes around you. You can prepare for college and find teachers who support you and where you want to go.

For some students, we also open the door to get the facts about your options. While you’re preparing for college, you can explore different financing options. You can also look at tuition plans for different universities. If you get the grades, you can have your pick of colleges. For some students, it’s just a matter of waiting to qualify for scholarships and financial aid or exploring other payment options. To explore your options and see if high school classes online fit into your schedule, click here.