Switching from homeschooling to online high school can be a smooth transition if you think about all the difficulties ahead of time.

  • Typically, someone you know and care for teaches you when you are homeschooling. This means you may feel more comfortable with that person as a teacher. Having a virtual stranger being in a leading position can seem cold and impersonal.
  • Course work could be more challenging than you have had in the past. With homeschooling, to some degree, your parent or teacher selects what course work you are doing. This means that your work could be less difficult or only as difficult as an untrained teacher can teach. With online high school, you can be sure that you are going to get courses that are approved for a high school level and that are taught by accredited teachers.
  • Scheduling can be very different. Typically, you have had to meet the schedule of the person who is teaching you regularly. When using an online high school, you will find that you are able to have more free time or utilize your time in a manner that is more efficient for you.
  • Technology is another thing to consider. When you are homeschooling, you can choose your curriculum based upon what technologies are have available to you. When you attend online high school, you have to remember that completion of your diploma will require certain technologies.