There are a few different styles of online high school assignments, and each type of lesson typically has a varying due date. Here is a list of a few of the kinds of homework you can expect and when they might be due.

  • Watch a video or read a chapter and then respond.
    • This kind of assignment is pretty typical in most online learning environments, and the due date can be as soon as immediately after completing the reading or watching the clip, or as far out as the next time you have that class.
  • Research Papers or Projects
    • Papers and projects are usually given to help students gain more in-depth knowledge about a particular subject matter. Due to the detailed learning required for these projects, students are typically given no less than one week for the assignment and can have as much as the entire semester to complete the paper. When given more than a week to work on the project, students should expect periodic check-ins so teachers can evaluate how they are doing on the assignment.
  • Tests or Exams
    • These assignments are typically not permitted to be taken with the use of study materials. Generally, this type of work is due at the end of the daily session.
  • Discussion boards
    • Teachers often use this kind of assignment to grade participation and even attendance in an online environment. A student will be asked to respond to a particular prompt a few times a week and interact with other students and the teacher.

Just like standard school, given assignments are largely dependent on a particular teacher’s style and discretion, as are the dates and lengths for assignment completion.