How many hours do kids spend on online coursework each day? 2019-10-04T13:27:31+00:00

Every student’s online high school experience is different. One of the greatest things about having an online environment is that it affords you the flexibility to alter your schedule to meet the needs of you or your student. It is pretty standard for a student to have 5 to 7 classes each semester, which means that they would be online for courses from around 830 am to 330 pm just like a typical student in a more traditional setting, with appropriate breaks for meals.

This means about 6 hours of total class time per day; all of which your student may not actually spend online. Each lesson is built specifically for your child and will take more or less time, depending on their personal grasp of the concept. Additionally, some of the online time is spent working on homework, doing research, utilizing resources, and working with instructors, in addition to watching or interacting with the lesson itself. The time doing homework or course work is different for each student and can not be predicted.