How is the online classroom set up? 2019-10-04T12:18:17+00:00

Through the student portal located on the learning platform, you can access much of you or your student’s account. There is personal information, including the student’s name, date of birth, and grade level as well as past and current grades and existing schedules. Additionally, through this same portal, you can select upcoming courses, follow an education plan, talk with teachers and administration, and see how other students interact with each other. The online classroom typically offers live feed classes with the option to watch the video at a later time. You can access all course materials through the classroom portal as well as many other resources such as virtual libraries.

The virtual classroom is user-friendly and easy to learn how to utilize. It has many one touch or click features that make it simple for parents and students to manage and access all the information that is necessary to ensure success at our online high school.