The first step for enrolling in a great online high school is to select which school you would like to attend. Once you have shopped through your options and chosen the learning institution that is best for you or your child, you want to make contact with them to discuss their enrollment process. The steps you have to take can vary from school to school; however, you need some standard documentation regardless of the institution you are applying to attend.

Some of the information you will need for enrolling includes:

  • Proof of the student’s identity and age
  • Evidence that the child is up to date on immunizations or documents stating your reasons for abstaining from those shots.
  • Transcripts or report cards for past grades
  • Proof of residence
  • Emergency contact information for the student
  • Some schools may require that your student take part in an interview.

You have already made the hardest choice, and that is to switch to online school. While the enrollment process can seem tedious and like a lot of work; if you get in contact with the online high school of your choice, they can email you a list of information you will need and help streamline everything for both of you. They want the process of enrollment to be as simple as possible for everyone involved.