Placing your child into an online school program can seem daunting. You have so many concerns, including not getting the socialization that they need and making sure that you enroll them in an excellent quality program. Another thing you worry about is if your child is cut out for completing online courses. It is ok to worry about this, and it is something most parents are concerned about when making this switch.

Here at the High School of America, we encourage parents to sit down and speak to their child one on one. Part of your discussion should be to let them know that this change will require them to be self-driven, but that you will be there to help them during the process.

One of the best starter questions you could ask them is, “Can you stick to a study schedule at home?” Make sure you explain to them what this will mean. Talk to them about courses and what work they will be required to do. Give them time frames and walk them through examples of what their instructors will ask of them. This allows your child to evaluate the situation and make a real judgment call. Work with them to set up a schedule that not only includes schooling, but also some leisure time for them to play video games, socialize, or do something else that they enjoy.

We have found that when you include your child in this discussion; it gives them a sense of ownership over the decision to change schools as well as their curriculum and the setting of the schedule itself. This allows them to feel more involved, which assists in creating the self-motivation they need to thrive in an online environment.