Whenever you are trying to make a case to any parental authority figure, it is probably best to advise them of why you want to do something. In this case, you should explain to your parents why online high school is so important to you. Once you have let them know why enrolling online is your desire, you next want to have a detailed plan on how you intend to manage your time and course load.

By showing your parents that you have put a lot of thought into this change, you will display to them that you have the forethought and planning skills of someone who can succeed in a self-motivated environment. By explaining why it is so important to you, you will be showing your parents that this is a decision that you do not take lightly.

Taking the time to make a plan shows a level of responsibility that will be necessary for your success in an online high school. This shows your parents that you not only want to commit to your education but that you are both willing and able to fulfill the commitment well.

Note: If it is likely they have never heard of online high school, you may want to have some literature or web sites ready for them to read and look at as well as allow them time to look into the concept. Having that extra information ready will show that you want them to know all the great things about online high school that make you want to study this way.