Florida, United States (October 10, 2016) – High School of America Florida and the Excellist Learning Centre Ajman, UAE have entered into an agreement under which the Excellist Learning Centre will be the exclusive representative of the High School of America in the Middle East and the North Africa. Aside from many benefits to be derived mutually, the Excellist can chip in as the sole distributor of the products and services of the accredited curriculum of the High School of America Florida.

“We’re going to look at the importance of American Curriculum  to meeting the demand for school education on the horizon.  Hundred  million students in the Middle East and the North Africa in the next ten  years may need avenues for American Curriculum” said Dr Fazilul Haque Head of the Institution High School of America while addressing the joint meeting of the two institutions.

High School of America counts on the hybrid learning system provided by Excellist Learning Centre for focusing on the growing inclination towards American Curriculum in the Middle East Distance learning hybrid programs are those that combine learning both online and in a classroom.

The CTO of the High School of America Mr Imran Aziz who is in charge of compliance and International market said  “It is not just the lure of completing a Diploma awarded by the accredited High School of America that is drawing thousands of students to the joint venture . Excellist will achieve the goal by hosting intense intermittent retreats that cram all of the necessary class room sessions as stipulated by High School of America into big sessions .Hybrid programs are offered in conjunction with online classes”

MENA countries include, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan are top growth countries in terms of enrollments for American Curriculum Schools and according to Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), American-curriculum private schools continue to attract the most pupils in the United Arab Emirates.

“The American and British curricula recorded the highest students’ enrolment growth in the past five years, with CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 16 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively,” according to ADEC.

Mr Anjum, Managing Director of the Excellist Learning Centre said “there are three main reasons to partner with the High School of America.  Firstly, the growing demand for American curriculum schools in the region and secondly, the affordability and accessibility. Lastly, Mr Anjum applauds a broad curriculum offering a wide range of subjects encompassing over 300 courses”

Most of the Asian schools that cater for Indian, Pakistani and Filipino pupils offered tuition that “fall under the affordable to low categories”, according to the report, which classified low annual tuition as between Dh10,000 to Dh19,999.

Whereas most of the international curriculum schools  such as British, American and IB  charge fees in the “medium to premium range”, which is between Dh20,000 to more than Dh50,000.

“The curricula is very broad and offers a wide range of subjects and activities focusing on holistic learning, including key skills such as critical thinking,” said Mr Anjum.

“Parents and students appreciate the strong extracurricular opportunities, something singularly extensive in the American approach and which factors into its ‘‘whole student’ philosophy.”

In collaboration with the High School of America, the Excellist Learning Centre will be offering High School of America Diploma at about DH10,000 to Dh12,000 a year while enrolling pupils in compliance with the rules and regulations that are set by HSOA accrediting agency.

About Excellist

Founded in 2008. Excellist is an educational institution with an aim to provide reputed and advanced Vocational and Professional qualifications including degrees, diplomas, corporate Training, along with various language and management courses to students and aspiring learners. The Excellist Learning Centre currently serves over 500 learners in the MENA region and employs 15 people in the Northern Emirates.  For more information about the Excellist Learning Centre, please visit their website at https://www.excellist.ae