You’ve read the title and you’re thinking, ‘Surely you do, or you won’t be able to progress any further in life.’ It’s true that you do need qualifications if you have a great career in mind. After all, you can’t go on to do great things if you don’t lay the groundwork first. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay in high school. Here’s how home schooling could be the option that’s right for you.

High school isn’t right for everyone

Everyone who tells you high school is the best time of your life clearly didn’t have the same experiences that you did. It’s the best option for a lot of people, sure. Those who work best in a classroom, who have the right support and the right resources can really flourish in high school.

That isn’t the same for everyone, though. Sometimes people just don’t get the most out of the school system, as it wasn’t designed with people like them in mind. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of ways for you to get your diploma without having to struggle in the system.

The famous success stories

High SchoolEveryone’s heard the stories of the people who went onto success after dropping out of high school. Richard Branson went on to found the wildly successful Virgin company after dropping out at 15. David Karp dropped out at 15 to create the mega popular blogging site Tumblr from his mother’s back bedroom. Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino dropped out at 15 too, to take acting classes while working as an usher at a local cinema.

Having seen their stories, we can see why you might be tempted to drop out yourself. School isn’t right for you, so why should you stay? If you work hard, you can be just as successful as they are!

While that’s tempting, we would still advise you to get your qualifications. Why? Because if you want to study your chosen field, or get a head start in an industry, you’re still going to need some academic backing. The job market out there is tough now, so you need to still show that you have the knowledge to get ahead.

What are the alternatives?

So, if you still need the qualifications what can you do? Are you destined to be stuck in school forever?

Absolutely not. The alternative is online homeschool programs. The benefit of these programs is that they offer the same education that you’d receive in a school, without you having to set foot inside a school building.

They’re perfect for a lot of students who don’t fit inside the current school system:

  • Students who struggle to leave home, or are unable to do so.
  • Students with disabilities that make it difficult to attend school every day.
  • Students who have struggled with the social aspects of school, but still want to learn.
  • Students who have demands on their time that don’t fit into regular school hours, such as caring for family members.

If this sounds like you, attending school online may be the way you can finish high school without having to go back to school itself.

What can you go on to do?

High School of AmericaThe great thing about online home school is that it’s almost exactly the same as attending a regular school. You’ll receive the same education, study for the same qualifications, and finish with your diploma. That means that when you complete high school, you’ll have the same opportunities as anyone else.

You could choose to use your diploma to get a place in the industry of your choosing. You can get ahead on working your way up that career ladder, making connections and learning while you’re on the job.

You can also use that diploma to get into any college of your choosing. College is a hugely different learning experience from high school, and you can really start learning in depth around your chosen field. Your experience in home schooling will help you with the self discipline you’ll need to study in college.

How High School of America can offer something different

Our home school curriculum covers everything that you would cover in a regular high school. We’ll work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your experience with us. As an educational service, we care deeply about what our students get out of the learning experience.

Are you thinking about dropping out of high school? Come talk to us first. You may find that you can still pursue the dreams you have now while studying online for your high school diploma. Sometimes, not working within the system can have its advantages! Get in touch, you’ll be glad you did.