Are Online Diplomas Respected by Employers?

Do Employers Look at High School Diploma?

The right job can open your future possibilities as well as opportunities to a life of fulfillment and purpose. Most jobs necessitate employees to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Although they usually don’t ask for supporting documents, an online high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) means that employees have the basic academics required to complete assigned tasks. Even though it isn’t always necessary to obtain a college or university degree before beginning your career, getting a high school diploma or its equivalency will significantly increase the chances of getting employment that provides you with a bright future.

To employers, “high school diploma or equivalent” means that you either own a high school diploma or:

  • You own a GED certificate – It’s a test about your aptitude in social studies, language arts, science, and math. Other alternatives to GED consist of TASC and HiSET.
  • You finished 12th grade in another state.
  • You have an equivalency from an accredited school – Most accredited institutions (including some from the National Private School Accrediting Alliance) offer high school diploma equivalents.
  • You have an accredited homeschooling certificate – The United States Department of Education recognizes some homeschool high school diplomas as high school diploma equivalents.

Proof of Schooling 

Employers don’t routinely necessitate applicants of jobs in order to prove that they have gotten their GED or high school diploma. Nevertheless, some organizations might request copies of your high school diploma so as to save money and time on conducting academic verification for all job applications. Although it’s rare for employers to seek proof, it’s important to keep your online high school diploma and other crucial documents such as birth certificate in a place where they can access when required.

Work and Age Requirements

Some job positions necessitate job applicants to be 18 years and above and possess a high school diploma prior to beginning your job. If you are below the age of 18, your employer might request identification so as to prove your death of birth, and might in some cases, ask for GED or high school diploma. Additionally, some jobs might not require applicants to be 18 years but need a GED or high school diploma to start work.

Work and College Degrees

Online High School Diploma for Adults
Work that necessitates applicants to have college credentials don’t ask for proof of whether they did a high school diploma. It is regarded that you have earned your online high school diploma when you attain a college degree. If you are aged below 18, and in college, you must prove that you finished your high school education.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Potential employers might contact the online high school you graduated from to confirm that you possess an accredited online high school diploma. Other employers utilize specialized check services in order to confirm your academic background, criminal records, credit history, and employment history. Honesty is crucial to a solid career and bright future; hence it’s important to be honest regarding your academic background during job application as well as all resumes that you submit to employers. If a potential employer suspects that you aren’t telling the truth, he or she might ask you to provide your online high school diploma or GED certificate.

Why a High School Diploma is Important to Employers

When searching for a job, it’s rare to find a job that does not necessitate applicants to have an accredited online high school diploma or an equivalent such as a GED. It is easy to understand why an occupation in medicine that requires specific learning and education might require that you have a high school diploma or GED upon applying. However, some careers and jobs require proof even when it is irrelevant or unnecessary to errands that you will be performing. If your academics do not have a direct implication on your work performance as well as the tasks that you are assigned, why is it important? These are some of the reasons why an online high school diploma is important to employers:

  • You are capable. Actually, “smarts” are not measured best by good grades. Intelligent people can have average or below-average scores on a test but still, succeed in their online classes to earn an online high school diploma. They are intelligent and have memories that make them excellent persons, but they end up getting straight C’s. Many potential employers are not interested in grades but want to know whether they hold a high school diploma or GED since they show that you can be consistent, learn, and complete what you began.
  • You are responsible. This does not imply that if you did not have the chance to complete your high school, you are irresponsible. Life happens, and there are many reasons why you were not able to proceeds with your studies back then. However, a person who is going through several applications and resumes has limited time in determining whether to call an applicant for an interview. This means that they can get a snapshot regarding your personality based on your submissions. An accredited online high school diploma gives an employer the impression that you do what is needed and do not disregard rules. A high school diploma thus gives potential employers an impression that you will perhaps make a reliable employee.
  • You are focused. Whether you completed an online high school on time as a teen or later as an adult, completing or continuing your studies indicates that you can concentrate on a goal. Additionally, it does not matter the time you pursue it; getting your GED or high school diploma takes effort and time. If you focus on your goal now, then you ought to do better at your job!

In addition to preparing you to be skilled and comfortable in the workforce, earning an online high school diploma offers you many opportunities. It does not hurt that people with high school diplomas usually end up making a lot of money over time. If you have not had the opportunity of earning your General Education Development (GED) or completing high school, an accredited online diploma program can work around your schedule and assist you in taking the next stage in your career.

What is the Best Online School to Get a High School Diploma?

Best Online High School DiplomaIf you are an adult looking for a virtual avenue to finish your high school online, you have certainly come across several websites claiming to provide a real high school diploma online. The fact is that many websites that claim to provide a valid high school diploma aren’t real high schools. These schools don’t have accreditation from accrediting agencies, and they are only interested in your money. The best online high school diploma choice for adults to acquire a nationally and regionally accredited high school diploma is High School of America.

High School of America makes attaining an online high school diploma convenient and affordable. We order your past records to make sure that there is a proper credit transfer. With credit transfer, high school learners can continue with their studies from where they left. This enables learners to finish their individual high school diploma courses online and complete them faster. Since virtual courses at High School of America are accessible anytime, learners can decide when to study. Many adult learners believe that General Education Development (GED) is the only way through which they can earn their high school diploma. Notably, this isn’t the case, and you do not have to settle! Adults have the opportunity of earning an accredited high school diploma from an accredited online high school.

A high school diploma can be taken seriously when earned from an accredited online school. Actually, a valid high school diploma is the best thing for many employers. Most employers perhaps don’t care which diploma you have as long as you have it. Nevertheless, the best jobs necessitate you to have an accredited online high school diploma. Also, these employers ought not to be blamed for being dodgy regarding virtual high school diplomas. There are numerous fraud operations that are known as “diploma mills“. These “diploma mills” sell high school diplomas to people with money and do not want to invest in studies. So, this is why most employers are more cautious. Most of these online high schools can fool employers with verification services that indicate that they are valid when they aren’t.

Here are the factors to consider when looking for the best accredited online high school for high schoolers and adults.

  • Availability and access
  • Valid accreditation
  • Self-paced learning, hence you can learn based on your own timeline
  • Caring instructors and staff
  • Affordability
  • Online reputation
  • Ease of online high school diploma program access
  • The online high school’s commitment to quality
  • Learner commitment

High School of America graduates are accepted by universities and colleges across the United States. Governments and employers also recognize an online high school diploma from High School of America as being better or similar to a high school diploma that a public high school offers.

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