Discipline in High School Students

As a high school student, it is important to develop good discipline habits. Without discipline, it can be difficult to focus on your studies and stay organized.

At High School of America, we believe in helping our students develop good discipline habits early on.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the need for discipline in schools, but what is it exactly? And why is it so important for high school students?

In this post, we’ll explore what discipline is and discuss some of the benefits that come with it. Stay tuned!

Defining Discipline

Discipline refers to the ability to delay gratification, manage impulses, and engage in goal setting. Developing these skills can be extremely beneficial.

It enables you to have more control over your emotions so that you are better able to focus on what needs to get done.

For example, practicing discipline helps students feel less stressed when they get home from school. Instead of immediately turning on the television or spending hours on social media, they work on their homework and get it done faster!

It also helps students better use their time – whether they are studying for a test, writing a paper, completing a project, or practicing an instrument.

Discipline also refers to following rules and behaving appropriately. When students have good discipline habits, they are less likely to get in trouble at school, and if they do, it won’t happen as often because they’ve learned how to think before acting.

Types of Discipline in School

There are several types of discipline that you might be concerned with as an online high school student. They include;


Self-discipline involves having the strength to work on your projects even if you’re feeling bored or unmotivated. You need to understand that every assignment is important because it’s part of your education, so there’s no point in wasting time when you could be working on something more productive instead!

Self-discipline is a required skill for all students because nobody can motivate themselves in every situation; we all need additional support from time to time, whether it’s a reminder from a parent or teacher or some sort of incentive for completing tasks properly.

External Discipline

External discipline refers to the rules and boundaries that keep everyone safe and make our educational institutions successful.

For example, you might need to follow a dress code if your school has one in place, or you may have to deal with punishments from teachers if you fail to show up for class regularly or repeatedly break the rules.

Again, these types of rules aren’t there to restrict your freedom; rather, they exist for everyone’s benefit, and we all need them to be responsible citizens.

The Importance of Discipline in High School

At the High School of America, we believe that discipline is crucial. Our students are away from their teachers and mentors, which means they need to be self-disciplined to stay on task and meet our high academic standards.

Benefits of Discipline for Students

There are many benefits associated with strong self-discipline. Some of the most significant include:

Better Grades

When students have good discipline habits, they are able to study efficiently after school instead of wasting time. As a result, they usually spend less time studying than other students but get better grades in their online high school courses.

Increased Personal Success

Discipline is good for in-school success and helps students accomplish their personal goals. For example, when students have strong discipline habits, they are more likely to get into the college of their choice because they’ve managed their time efficiently and completed all required tasks.

Happy Life

It’s no exaggeration when people say that discipline leads to a happier life. When you’re making progress towards your goals daily, it’s easier to stay motivated. In addition, developing discipline helps you feel less stressed about school work so you can focus on other aspects of your life as well!

How Teachers Can Build Discipline in High School Students

Teachers play a significant role in helping students develop good discipline habits.

If you are a teacher, here are some ideas for how to inspire discipline in your students:

Set Realistic Expectations

It is essential that teachers set realistic expectations early on so that their students know exactly what is expected of them.

For example, if you expect your students to be able to memorize 30 vocab words per week, but they can only remember seven, this will likely cause frustration on both ends because the teacher won’t recognize the student’s effort and the student won’t feel adequately challenged.

By setting realistic goals upfront, everyone can be more efficient with time and achieve success together.

Stay Organized

One way that teachers can help improve discipline is by organizing homework packets appropriately.

Teachers should assign different tasks on different days rather than wait until the end of the week.

If you spread out assignments throughout the week, students are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to get things done faster because they only have one day to complete each project.

Be Clear

During class time, teachers should be clear about how students should record their work (e.g., in a certain notebook or on loose-leaf paper).

For example, if you assign an essay due Friday but never specify which composition book it needs to go into, it can easily become lost or unorganized over time!

Make It Fun

We all know that motivation is critical when it comes to achieving success.

If you want your students to become more disciplined with their grades and homework, you should make the learning process as enjoyable as possible.

For example, if a student struggles with geometry, don’t just sit them down and start lecturing; take them out for ice cream instead!

Discipline can be learned and developed over time, but it takes patience and dedication. If teachers work together with their students to inspire good habits, we believe that discipline will become much easier to achieve in the future!

What Are Some Ways That Parents Can Help Their Children Build Strong Discipline in School?

Parents should always encourage their children to work hard and do their very best in class. If they don’t set this kind of example for their teens, the teenagers will never develop good discipline skills and will likely give up on schoolwork before they even get out of high school.

Additionally, it’s important that parents monitor their children’s Internet usage and limit the amount of time they spend online each day (so they don’t get distracted by the temptation to procrastinate).

Parents should also make sure that their kids understand how easy it is to copy and paste information from websites; this is a particular concern when students use search engines like Google because simply typing in a few words about an assignment can provide them with all sorts of ideas for writing papers.

What Causes Poor Discipline in High School Students

There are many reasons why students might have difficulty with discipline in online high school. Here are some of the most common reasons why this occurs:

Lack of Motivation

Some students simply lack motivation when it comes to pursuing their education. They feel that finishing homework is a waste of time because they’ll just forget all about it the next day anyway.

They don’t believe in themselves and therefore have trouble being disciplined in class because they don’t see much benefit from studying or doing homework.


Sometimes, students doubt their own abilities. For example, if you’re unable to keep up with your classmates academically, it can be very difficult to get motivated to continue working hard because you assume that you won’t ever be able to achieve the same level of success.

It’s important not to get discouraged when you experience these types of problems especially if your teachers encourage you and help you stay on track!

Lack of Skills

Many students struggle with discipline because they simply lack the necessary skills required to be successful.

If you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Word, for example, it can be very difficult to complete an assignment that requires word processing.

By signing up for computer courses through your online high school, you will become more efficient at performing tasks like this in the future!

Poor Planning

Students who fail to plan ahead often end up struggling with poor discipline.

For example, let’s say that a student is assigned to write a paper about Greek mythology but doesn’t start working on it until the night before it’s due.

He or she stays up late trying to put together an essay without doing proper research, which results in a poorly written paper that doesn’t display any understanding of Greek mythology.

Ultimately, this student ends up failing their assignment because they didn’t plan ahead and consequently didn’t have enough time to write a good paper.

The Importance of Parents and Educators Working Together to Help Build Discipline in Students

Discipline in Schools Today


Parents should encourage their students to learn good discipline habits from a young age. If a child is frequently disciplined for bad behavior by their parents, they will be more likely to develop self-discipline as they get older.

In the classroom, teachers should spend time motivating and encouraging their students to strive for success. They can do this through activities that promote teamwork or by creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions if they’re confused about anything.

The key thing to remember is that no student learns in isolation; they need support from other people in order to succeed!

The Role of Technology in Discipline

Technology can play an important role in teaching students good discipline skills.

For example, an online high school student will benefit from using technology to communicate with teachers and classmates; this offers excellent opportunities for building self-discipline because it requires students to be respectful of each other at all times (even when they’re arguing about the best way to solve a problem or presenting different points of view).

Furthermore, technology is an excellent tool for motivating students because it offers them access to information whenever they need it.

If you’re struggling with your homework due next week, you’ll always be able to find help online if you use Google properly (just make sure not to copy and paste entire papers off the Internet though!).

You might even be able to find a website where you can ask questions about specific topics and receive answers from certified teachers!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, self-discipline is a vital skill for students who want to achieve success academically. However, it takes time and effort to build good discipline habits, which means that all students will struggle at some point during their high school years.

By working with parents and educators, however, they’ll soon become more efficient problem solvers who are capable of completing their work on time as well as developing excellent communication skills for the workplace!

To learn more about discipline, contact us today!