If regular high schools aren’t meeting your needs, it could be time to explore alternatives online. Finding online high schools opens the door for students to go at their own pace. For adult students, it can be hard to come back to school. You don’t fit into the public education system with a bunch of kids. You may also feel out of place in night classes designed for a range of adults.

No matter your age or reasons, asking the right questions can help you choose online high schools that make sense for you. Not all online high schools are the same just as not all public or private schools are the same. Some provide different classes and more support. Others are more self-directed, or they have set restrictions you should be aware of going in.

9 Questions to Ask about Online High Schools

online high school programs

  1. What Type of High School Do You Offer?

    When you find a high school online, you can find four types. These include private schools, public schools, charter schools, and university-sponsored schools. Finding a website doesn’t mean they offer online classes. Public school programs will be cheaper. You might also face more restrictions, particularly in your hours and where you can learn. Many public programs only offer daytime classes and require you to attend at a physical location.

  2. Is the Program Accredited?

    Online high schools can be regionally accredited. This gives them the greatest degree of acceptance among other institutions. When you apply to college or trade schools, you want as strong a resume as possible. Earning your high school diploma isn’t always the same across the board. Choosing a regionally accredited program ensures you’ll have the background other schools want.

  3. What Kind of Curriculum Does the School Use?

    Online high schools don’t all use the same curriculum. If you’re attending an accredited high school, it meets certain requirements. This doesn’t mean there’s one set curriculum for every school. Outside of a few core classes, some schools focus on preparing you for certain fields, or they offer more classes that can help you prepare.

  4. What Kind of Qualifications Do Teachers Have?

    There has been some controversy over the differing requirements for teachers in charter schools. When you go online, many people have even greater concerns. Many would say teachers should have a college degree and the credentials to teach their subject. Because students are learning online, they should also have a strong computer background.

  5. How Many of Your Students Graduate?

    Ideally, all students would graduate high school at some point or another. Then they would go onto career or college programs that suit their goals. It doesn’t always work that way, and the graduation rate says something about the school. If they’re not providing a strong curriculum or the resources students need, less will graduate.

  6. How Many Graduates Go onto College or Career Schools?

    Getting your high school diploma is one thing. Using it to go onto college or a career school is another. If many of their students are graduating without going into other programs, it may not prepare you for higher education or other careers.

  7. What’s the Cost?

    The more options they offer, the more some online high schools charge. Some states have public high schools that are free. These schools expect you won’t work, and they only offer daytime classes at a set location. You also still have to pay for books, computers, etc. Always make sure you know what it will cost each semester up front.

  8. How Many Students Are in the Average Class?

    You may be watching videos and attending virtually. Students still need ongoing support from teachers to succeed. Teachers should be able to respond quickly and provide individual assistance to students as needed. If too many students are pushed into each class, this reduces their ability to keep up.

  9. Is There Extra Help for Struggling Students?

    If you’re struggling to keep up, you may need extra tutoring or help. You can seek outside resources. Depending on how much you’re struggling, you should. Teachers and schools can also offer extra support before your grades start slipping. If you’re struggling, it’s your job to reach out for help. Schools should also have resources that make sense.

Pick Online High Schools That Meet Your Needs

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Our teachers are dedicated to helping students succeed. We offer ongoing support in a flexible learning environment. You decide which classes you want to take and when you can schedule them in. Just make sure you’re setting up your schedule to include class and homework time. To explore our curriculum and see if online high school is right for you, click here.