Your Ultimate Guide to Skill-Based Learning

The Future of Online School: Skill-Based Learning When it comes to the future of online schooling, proponents of skill-based learning are in the driver's seat. Proponents believe that students should be taught skills that will be beneficial in their chosen career paths rather than general information that may or may not be helpful to them [...]

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Features of a Quality Online Education Program

15 Features of a Quality Online Education It's no secret that technology has forever changed the landscape of education. With online courses and diploma programs becoming more popular, it can be tough to determine which schools offer high-quality, accredited programs. In this blog post, we'll outline 15 features of a quality online education program that [...]

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The Best Online High School for Talented Students

Flexible Online High School for Talented Students If you notice that your talented high school students are bored at their current high school or getting into trouble because they aren’t being challenged enough, it might be time to change their learning and select an online school that caters to their needs. The beauty of online [...]

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How to Convince Your Teenager to Switch to Online High School

Ways to Convince Your Teenager to Change to Online Learning Are you the parent of a teenager who is resistant to enrolling in online high school? You're not alone. Many parents are hesitant to allow their children to study in an entirely virtual environment. However, there are many benefits to online high school that can [...]

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Creative Ways to Add Fun to Your Homeschooling Schedule

Creative Ways to Make Your Homeschool More Fun Pursuing a homeschooling curriculum can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little bit challenging to come up with new and interesting ways to keep the learning process engaging. If you're looking for some ideas to add an extra layer of excitement to [...]

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Don’t Waste Your Time in High School - High School of America Can Streamline the Process High School of America is an online school that understands the importance of time. That’s why, instead of wasting your time in classes that you don’t need, it can streamline the process and help you get where you want [...]

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The Online High School Process: What Works and What Doesn’t When it comes to the process of enrolling in an online high school, there are a lot of things that work well and a few things that don’t. With so many different online high schools available, it can be tough to figure out which one [...]

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5 in 100 High School Students in America Are Dropping Out. Why? Though high school dropout rates have decreased in America in recent years, an alarming number of students are still abandoning their education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 5 in 100 students (aged 16-19) drop out of high school each [...]

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How High School of America Helps Students Succeed Through TeamWork Successful students know the importance of teamwork. High School of America's unique approach to education encourages students to work together in order to achieve their goals. Our collaborative atmosphere allows students to develop important skills that will help them succeed in any future career path. [...]

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Ways to Customize Your Child's Education with Homeschooling If you're considering homeschooling your high school student, you have many options to choose from. There are many different ways to customize your child's education, and finding the right approach can be overwhelming. In this post, we'll provide tips on how to get started with homeschooling. We'll [...]

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