Avoid Fake Online Diploma, Sign Up with an Accredited High School Online

Many people think of diploma mills only with college degrees. You earn your masters in “life experience” from an official sounding college. Unfortunately, some of them have been convincing enough to get people jobs in schools and government offices. With many people looking into new ways to crack down on diploma mills, they can seem [...]

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How High School of America Can Help You Connect to the Largest Teaching and Learning Value Chain

A traditional high school experience isn’t for everybody. Sometimes, students just don’t get the support they need in their school. Others may do better when they have more options or flexibility to control their high school experience. Particularly for adult learners who are returning to school, scheduling can be complicated. You might have family and [...]

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Start Your Career in Graphic Design and Get a High School Diploma for FREE

Even in elementary school, many people are talking about teaching kids new career skills like website coding. The earlier you learn these types of skills, the easier they become. With an internet directed industry, anything you can learn in your early education can give you a headstart. High school students often think of the core [...]

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At High School of America You Only Pay for Career Training. Your High School Diploma for FREE

For the average high school student including adult learners, graduating from high school is the focus. You have to complete core credits to demonstrate proficiency in the subjects. Then you can enjoy elective classes. Some of these can help you prepare for college and more specific options like different graduate programs. Some students also go [...]

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How Can You Earn Your FREE High School Diploma?

Many adults want to go back to school and earn a high school diploma. They worry about their schedules with work and family obligations. They also worry about things like the cost of tuition. Is it going to be like a four-year college, or will the rates be lower? For some potential students, the idea [...]

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How High School of America Can Help You Improve Your GPA?

It can be difficult to improve your GPA, especially if you’re half way through and still struggling. This is sometimes when students come to High School of America. Something about the traditional public education program isn’t working for them. So they start looking for something else. Adult learners often like the flexibility in the schedule. [...]

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How Many High School Credits Do I Need to Enter an Accredited College?

So you’ve laid out a plan to get to college, or you’d like to. For many adult students or those struggling in a traditional high school, getting a high school diploma is the first step. Even if you’re not sure what your plans are after high school, you should always keep your options open. Be [...]

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Decisions You Need to Make When Choosing Your Classes

Some students earn their high school diploma believing they have to take one set of classes. Choosing a more specific curriculum only starts when they hit college. If you’re attending in a smaller area or elsewhere, this could be true. Small schools only have a limited range of classes that don’t include the electives you [...]

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What Classes Do Colleges Want to See?

For some students, just returning to high school could be a major accomplishment. People drop out for many reasons and return as adults. Some high school students who stay in school to graduate are the first in their families to do so. For some students, it only gets harder. Whatever your situation when you decide [...]

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