Is Virtual High School for You?

Table of Contents Is Virtual High School for You? Who Chooses Online Public School? Benefits of Online Schooling Online School from Home vs. Homeschooling How to Enroll in K–12 Online School Resources and References: Is Virtual High School for You? Online schooling, also called virtual schooling, can be a great solution for learners for [...]

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Accredited Homeschool Programs for High Schoolers

Table of Contents Accredited Homeschool Programs for High Schoolers Should You Use Accredited Homeschool Programs? Pros Cons Resources and References: Accredited Homeschool Programs for High Schoolers Best online accredited homeschool programs offer a smoother transition for your child into college to public school. Accredited online homeschool programs have a curriculum that complies with what the [...]

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Florida Homeschooling Online

Homeschooling is a great way to give your child the best education possible. In Florida, it's easy to homeschool and there are many reasons why you should consider it. You can choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may want to provide your child with a more personalized education or simply [...]

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How to graduate high school at 15

You've heard the stat: High school students who graduate early are more likely to go on to college, and they're more likely to attend a four-year school. But what does it really take to graduate high school at 15? Let's start with the facts. According to the US Department of Education, just 1.5% of high [...]

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Why is homeschooling important?

Introduction We have been homeschooling children online for over a decade now. It's a difficult decision and it's not always going to be smooth sailing, but you'll be glad that you made the choice to homeschool them. Here are some of the reasons why: It allows you to tailor your child's education to their needs. [...]

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Accredited Online High School

Introduction Most of us spent our childhoods in a brick and mortar school. And while it was fun to play with friends, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and go on field trips, it was also a pretty rigid experience. Some students had trouble keeping up with schoolwork because they were sick or moving around too [...]

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Differences Between Distance Learning and Virtual School

Distance Learning Versus Virtual School Distance learning and virtual schools have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional education within the last decade. Whether you are a student or parent considering one of these options, it is important to understand their differences. Distance learning has become increasingly popular as an option for students who need greater [...]

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