Can International Students Attend High School in The US?

This article is designed to answer the question of whether or not international students can attend high school in the US.  The short answer is that yes, international students are allowed and encouraged to attend public high schools in the United States. This applies to both US citizens who are living abroad as well as foreign nationals who are currently residing outside of their home country for various reasons such as political asylum, study abroad programs, etc.

The requirements for an international student wanting to attend a public high school in America is that they must have residence status (i.e., either permanent legal resident or visa). There may also be some additional expenses depending on where you live due to increased transportation costs from your current location to the high school you would be attending. If this is not a concern, then there should be no legal barriers preventing you from attending a public high school in America.

Is Study Abroad Right For You?

While studying abroad may come with its own set of challenges (especially if you have never been outside of your home country), it offers many rewards as well such as helping people became more understanding towards other cultures, new perspectives on old knowledge, and tools for surviving by yourself while away from your family.

It is important, however, to make sure that you understand whether or not study abroad will be an appropriate choice for you so check out all of the reasons below and see how well they fit into your own personal situation.

Reasons To Study Abroad

By joining an international school program, you’ll be able to:

1.Make Friends
While it is tempting to think that your whole life revolves around school, college, and then work, you will find that friends are important later in life as well.  Making friends from outside of the country is a great way to set up future opportunities such as visiting each other or working together one day.

2.Increase Your Cultural Awareness
You may have learned about different cultures throughout your education but actually interacting with people from those places will help you gain an understanding of how they live their lives on a daily basis and helps remove the stereotypes that people often carry with them due to lack of real-life experience (this includes US Americans).

3.Improve Your Language Skills
If you are studying abroad in a country that speaks the language, then increasing your proficiency is a great way to get better jobs when you return home. Others may simply want to make it easier for them to move on to other countries after they have finished school and not feel like a foreigner wherever they go.

4.Gain an Understanding of Another Culture
Studying abroad will help you gain an understanding of how people from another culture live their lives where there is not much teaching about this subject available in many schools today.  This can be especially hard if you are abroad in non-English speaking country as the language barrier can prevent you from taking part in all aspects of society. Learning about the culture then becomes an even more interesting and rewarding experience.

5.Learn More about Yourself
By studying abroad, you are more likely to learn things about yourself that you may never have otherwise discovered in your daily routine at home. This is good since the purpose of going abroad is not just for learning about the new country but also to find out about aspects of yourself that may have been hidden or forgotten during your regular studies back home.

You can use this chance to see what else you are capable of achieving rather than staying in only one place throughout life and finding it difficult to change its direction later on as you get older.

6.Explore a New Place
While it could be tempting to spend all of your time in the same place, there is much more to see outside of the area that you are familiar with. There are many different places and new experiences waiting for you if you just step out of your door and explore someplace different for a while.

Challenges of Studying Abroad

Can international students attend high school in the US?
Now it’s time to consider whether or not going abroad is for you. The main issue that people may have with studying abroad is money but this can be worked around if need be (such as finding scholarships or other forms of financial aid).

Other challenges may include:

1.Needing Friends Nearby
You may have friends at home who offer you support when needed such as helping you get through the really hard times of your education. These kind of friends are often not easy to come across and can be hard to find in other countries so you may want to think twice about leaving them behind (unless they are also willing to move with you).

2.Wanting a National Experience
Some people like having an experience that is tied directly into their nationality as it gives them a feeling of achievement that will help them gain more confidence later on in life. For example, finishing college in America is a great way to show that you were smart enough, worked hard enough, and did it all right here at home instead of being sent away for your education by someone else who had their own agenda for you.

3.Wanting to Make Friends in Other Countries
Many people do not want to make friends with locals because they are afraid that they will forget about the friends back home and not be able to meet new ones where they are going.  While this is a legitimate concern, it can be overcome by making a solid effort from day one and keeping yourself as open as possible for other connections rather than just staying stuck in your comfort zone.

4.Needing Stability/Support
Some people lose confidence when sent away from their regular support system such as guardians or local friends who understand them better. If you feel like you need this kind of stability, then it might be better if you stayed at home until everything else was taken care of.

5.Not Enjoying the Culture
While it is always good to be interested in the culture that you are studying around, there is a difference between “interested” and “entertaining”.  If you are not able to learn about local customs or find any aspects of their culture interesting, then this may be too much for you.

6.Not Getting Along with People
Most people study abroad because they want to meet new friends and have an enjoyable experience but if you cannot get along with other people, this could become an issue since everything requires at least one person.

7.Don’t Feel Like You Can Learn Much
Some students may feel like they won’t learn anything from a study abroad program. While it is true that people often assume things about others before they even try to see what is really there, you can give this up slowly if you are willing to put in the effort and put forth all of your capabilities when learning new things.

Tips for Studying Abroad

Once everything has been considered, keep these tips in mind while studying abroad:

1.Be Open-Minded
Study abroad can turn out very differently than what some people expect.  While many things may seem the same when translated from English to another language, they often alter dramatically in their essence as well such as seeing an excited smile when they mean to say “sad” or a different kind of laughter when they attempt to make a joke. This will require you to be more open-minded for better communication and understanding while living in another country so always keep that in mind when trying to understand another person’s point of view.

2.Try not to judge people based on their culture
While it is true that some social customs are unacceptable no matter where they originate, many cultures do things differently than we do here in America and may even have reasons behind it that seem strange at first but fit well into the context of their daily lives.  It is important to respect other countries’ values whether or not you agree with them since doing otherwise is disrespectful and can cause many problems.

3.Try To Learn Relevant Language Skills
Even if you plan on studying abroad for less than a year, you should at least try to reach the level of fluency or advanced understanding with the local language.  Even if you cannot speak as well as others it will help when trying to communicate with other people who may be willing to help out due to your efforts (many will be happy that someone is even making an attempt).

4.Don’t get distracted by parties and nightlife
While these are often considered “part of the college experience” some students will quickly take advantage of their new freedoms in another country. While having fun is always good, do not allow yourself to get distracted by parties and other things that may not be important later on such as the language you are learning or the reason why you decided to go abroad in the first place.

5.Set goals for yourself
It is important to set goals for yourself while studying abroad so that you can keep focused on what matters most and avoid getting distracted like mentioned above. You should be able to clearly communicate this with your family, friends, peers, and teachers back home (if they ask about it) so that no one will worry needlessly about your safety or well-being.

6.Keep a personal journal of some kind
Even if all of your communication from abroad is done electronically via a computer smartphone, etc., still keep a written journal of some kind somewhere safe. This will help you remember the reasons why you chose to study abroad and the experience that it provided for years to come whether they be good or bad.

7.Prepare yourself financially
While doing research on how much money it would take for you study abroad make sure that you do not leave out any expenses! Prices of commodities and services are different and you will have to make sure that what you save up during the year is enough to support yourself for your entire time abroad.

8.Take out as many CU’s (credit-units) as you can
If your school offers any kind of language training classes or if they have other forms of extra credit available this would be a great way to help yourself save money for the reason(s) that brought you abroad in the first place while getting a free head start on learning the English language where you will be studying.

9.Make sure you have a plan(s) in place for emergencies
It would be best for you to make sure that someone back home knows exactly what to do should something happen while you are studying abroad so that they will not needlessly worry over nothing if the time came.

10.Prepare yourself mentally before leaving home
We cannot stress this one enough! It is very important for you to be ready (mentally) for what lies ahead when traveling internationally especially since it can feel quite stressful being away from home like we mentioned above.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An International High School

Best online high school for international students
Sometimes the time comes when you have to decide on which country to study in and which school program (s) will help make this possible. In order to do so, it is best for you to consider the following things:

  1. How much money are you willing/able to spend? First off think about how much money you are willing/able to spend while studying abroad especially since different countries offer cheaper or more expensive options depending on who is teaching your class(es).
  2. What will be the benefits of staying with a host family as opposed to living in the dorms? If you choose somewhere where housing costs too much then it may be better for you just live in the dorms. However, if it is a cheaper option you wish to take then taking this route would be best.
  3. What are the extra costs involved with studying in my preferred country? Think about things like airfare and other unexpected expenses that may pop up or how often you will be able to come home for a visit.
  4. How is everyone’s English proficiency at the school? Is their level high enough for me to not feel overwhelmed by them when learning new material(s)?
  5. Are there any reasons why I should NOT study in this particular program and/or country? If so then please do not choose this one under these circumstances (whether you have considered them or not).
  6. What can I do to improve my English skills while studying abroad? Will the school help me in this area if needed?
  7. Does the program include a trip(s) to another country’s capital and/or somewhere else that would interest me greatly?
  8. What is the safety situation like at schools for students living there?
  9. How hard will it be for me to adjust to being so far away from home?
  10. Is it going to be difficult adapting how people normally dress as well as eating different types of food than what we are used to back home?
  11. Will I be able to get used to studying at night when I am usually a morning person?
  12. Will it be difficult for me to adjust to studying in a classroom setting as opposed to individual tutoring and/or one on one training that I have gotten back home?
  13. What is the best (and cheapest) way of communicating with my friends and family back home while studying abroad?
  14. Is it easy meeting people who are from different countries than what you are used to being around?
  15. Does the program offer an adequate amount of support if needed?
  16. What will you miss about your home country if you go away for such a long period of time?
  17. Are there any holidays in the school’s country that I cannot miss out on?

Cut the Stress with Accredited Online High School For International Students

Online high school programs are becoming more and more popular as students search for an alternative to physically attending high school on a daily basis. Some of the benefits you will find in taking online high schools include:


While it may not seem like much freedom when you first begin your classes, the truth is that having the option to attend class from home allows you to have far greater flexibility in your schedule than normal.

Gone are the days where you had to show up at 7 A.M. every morning and sit through what felt like hours of lessons until 3 P.M., all while dealing with other kids who probably thought they were better than you simply because they knew how to get along with the teachers.

By taking online high school courses, you can have the option of getting up and starting your classes when it is convenient for you. You will not be forced to travel long distances every day — waiting in traffic and dealing with other people’s schedules — simply so you can get to a place where you will sit through hours of lessons that likely won’t stick with your memory later on anyway.

Study from the Comfort of Your Home

While many students may think they want to attend their first choice of high school because they love the sports programs or extracurricular activities available there, consider how much time these things take away from your studies overall.

If you are traveling an hour each way each day just so you can deal with everything else besides going to class, you are most likely missing out on more study time than you realize. When you attend online high school, your classes will become the only thing in your life that really matters. You have complete control over your schedule and the amount of time you spend working at it each day.


While there is not a huge difference between traditional and online schooling at first glance, if you take a closer look at what an online high school has to offer then compare it with physical education (which works basically the same way as distance learning), you will find some fundamental differences. Online schools cut down on “fluff” because they believe in covering course material thoroughly before moving on so that students can understand the core concepts being taught. This means less time wasted on pointless busy work and more time spent actually learning the things that are going to help you later on in life. While this is also true of physical schools, there too much time is wasted on activities that simply do not matter.

The Popularity of Online Schooling

As a result of the above benefits (and many more), online high school programs have enjoyed immense popularity among students who feel like they need an alternative to attending physical classes every day.

By taking online high schools, these students become free from having to travel long distances just to deal with their daily lessons before finally getting home at 3 P.M. only to find out that they now need to study for hours before bedtime because otherwise they will fall behind on their classwork. Online schooling allows them the freedom studying whenever they want, at their own pace.
Taking online classes while living in another country
Online schooling is also becoming very popular among students who already have a physical high school that they love attending with close friends and family members. Some people are dead set on going to the same schools their parents attended or where some of their best friends live.

This can be an incredibly positive environment for teenagers to grow up in, but only if you are careful not to let your grades drop below a normal level so that you can still get into college later on. However, many students find themselves struggling with balancing both online classes and the social life available at their local physical high schools.

Between showing up late for class due to early football games and other activities, dealing with teachers who don’t understand why you need to get your homework done for multiple classes instead of just one, and trying to keep up with all the extra-curricular activities after school as well, many students feel like they need an alternative to attending physical high schools.

Online schooling presents an excellent alternative that gives students a chance to attend their dream high schools while at the same time giving them more control over how they learn the material they need in order to succeed later on in life.

Online high school allows you take charge of your own learning and make informed decisions about how you want to do it. It is also a great opportunity for those who have struggled with grades because of their social lives; perhaps there were too many hours spent socializing or playing sports instead of studying, but online schooling can help you get back on the right track towards your academic goals.

How Much Does Online High School Cost?

Before you can decide whether or not online high school is right for you, you first need to find out how much it costs. This may sound like a stupid question because we live in the 21st century and everything is supposed to be cheap, but things are not always what they seem. There are many different factors that come into play when dealing with online high schools and there is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution.


We have accommodating payment options that can meet most budgets. Here is a more detailed list of our tuition plans and what each of those entails.

      • Full Pay
        • This plan costs $1599.
        • You would pay full balance now.
        • There are no monthly payments or fees.
        • This plan offers the biggest savings.
        • Savings of $700 off total cost of tuition.
      • Auto Pay
        • This plan costs $2199
        • You would set up auto draft monthly payment.
        • Has available low initial payments.
        • Savings are offered for the automated payments.
        • Savings of $100 off total cost of tuition.
      • Bill Pay
        • This plan costs $2299.
        • Will make monthly payment.
        • Can Pay by mail, phone, or online.
        • Has available low initial payments.
        • Has no added savings.

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High School of America’s Online Programs for Underprivileged Families

Online high school programs are a great option for those who want an affordable education without having to sacrifice quality. If you choose your online high school carefully, you will find that the best ones allow students full control over their own learning experience without charging through the nose for it.

In order to get these valuable results, students first need to choose an online high school program that is right for them. While some may think this sounds like extra work compared with just choosing any old online school (or no school) at all, in reality it is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is stick to a few basic steps and you will have a good online high school for your kids in no time at all.

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