One of the biggest problems for prisoners is a lack of opportunities. Depending on their crime, they might spend years in prison after which they have no prospects. But they’re expected to get back into society, pay rent, and lead a productive life with no further support. Depending on the situation, not having a job could create serious problems with parole. It’s not surprising that some keep falling back into the same traps.

A high school education is just one of the options offered to prisoners. Depending on your state, some may offer more complete high school programs than others in prison. If you have a computer, prisoners can also use their time to graduate from high school and improve their prospects. Depending on how much time you have and other factors, you could even go to college.

For some prisoners, online programs offer options that fit their learning style. Because of budgets and other limitations, online schools can also provide more classes to fit each student’s needs.

Find More of the Classes You Need When You Attend High School Online

One of the best things about online high school for any student is the diversity of classes. Your curriculum can be tailored to your needs. Prisoners have a range of different backgrounds and skill levels. Some learn quickly, and they can graduate easily with the right resources. Others struggle in some or all subjects. If you need extra assistance, you might struggle in prison programs with limited resources.

When you sign up for high school classes online, you can get a high school diploma from an accredited high school with a diverse range of students. Teachers are prepared to help students who might otherwise fall behind. This helps you prepare for college and career schools when applicable. For some students who aren’t quite ready for college, it can also prepare you to be more competitive in the job market. Employers want workers who are prepared to work and perform, and online high school can help you get ready.

Choosing an Online High School That Fits Your Needs in Prison

Some prison systems will choose certain schools or give you a limited range of options. It’s the prison that determines your schedule, and you need a school that can accommodate. One of the best parts about online high school is you can complete your school work at any time of day. You should sign up for the number of classes that fit within the time you have on computers. If you’re choosing an online high school, you can look at a few factors.
Accreditation: While most are, some online high schools aren’t accredited in your state. They don’t meet standards and can’t be used to sign up for college or other programs. If your school of choice isn’t regionally accredited, you can keep looking and find other options.

  1. Class Options: Not all online high schools provide the classes you need. Some stick to the basics. If you have a specific career in mind, you might want to start your training early with related classes. Do they offer the classes that would help you prepare? If not, you can look into other schools.
  2. Prison Options: One of the biggest deterrents that might come to mind is if you can complete the coursework from prison. Do they have restrictions that would prevent you from completing your degree or taking certain classes? Some coursework might need to be submitted via US mail. This is less common because things can be scanned, but it can create complications.
  3. Awarding Diplomas: Many students won’t think to ask, but not all online high school programs award diplomas. Some offer classes designed to help local high school students graduate faster or make up classes. Their local school district would be the one awarding the actual diploma. Prisoners would want a program that awards its own high school diploma.

How to Find an Online High School Program from Prison

The first step in finding an online high school from prison is talking to the prison. They may have restrictions or recommendations. They might also have a short list of accepted programs based on the natural limitations of a prison. Once you have an idea of which schools qualify, you can explore your options. You can browse through websites or run a Google search if your options are more open.

Many students browse online reviews from other students and ask questions. Before you make any commitments, always make sure you understand the process of getting started. Double check with prison officials to make sure they’ll accommodate your learning and cover any associated charges. Then you can get your learning process started. To see how High School of America can help, click here.