Why Being Homeschooled Is Better

Top Reasons Why Homeschoolers are Happier

The topic of homeschooling is a highly controversial one. There are many who believe that it is the best way to raise children, and there are just as many who say it’s the worst option for education. When people think about homeschooling they usually have very strong opinions either way. But what do homeschoolers themselves say? What does their experience tell us about this form of schooling?

It might surprise you to find out that most homeschooled students report being happy with their decision to be educated at home- in fact, studies show they may even be happier than traditionally schooled kids! Homeschoolers also typically score higher on standardized tests and get into better colleges more often than those who attend traditional schools. In other words, it would seem that homeschooling is the better choice.

What Makes Them Happy?

So what makes homeschoolers so happy, and how can schools learn from that? For one thing, kids who are homeschooled tend to be very close with their parents. Since they spend so much time together learning, playing- doing pretty much everything together- they are a lot closer than most kids. It has also been found that the connections children have with their parents is directly related to how much happiness they feel. When you think about it, this is not surprising. Homeschooling brings families together in an entirely different way than traditional schooling does, so it’s no wonder that it has such a strong effect on kids’ happiness.

Homeschoolers Get Dedicated Coaching

One important way to keep students happy in homeschool is to offer them one on one instruction. This can be an effective, practical way to teach, one on one. There are 1 instructor and 1 student or possibly a few students per class. Either way, this is a good way because the student to instructor ratio is so low! You can get through the class very fast without any distractions. More significantly, you can develop a trust level and offer a safer and happier environment than you can find in a traditional school.

No Wastage of Time Commuting or Walking to School

Do you want to waste time taking your child to school, or do you want to line up in a long line so as to drop them off? It takes some crucial time from your day to do it. Parents do trade days to their duties and sometimes would run late. Also, children hate waking up early in the morning to prepare for school, and this makes them start the day when unhappy. Homeschooling enables children to wake up in a better mood since they rest well. They also know that they do not rush to get ready. Children do not like when they are rushed to get ready for school. With homeschooling, children are happier since they wake up when they wish.

Little Time Wasted Means a lot of Time for Learning

How Effective Is HomeschoolingHow much time does a learner in public school really have for studying? Seemingly not as much as you’d think. Much of the time is spent walking around the halls to and from class, commuting, and in transit. In some schools, the learners remain in 1 class the whole day. And the instructors come to them. This makes a lot of sense, and there is less wasted time. Less time wasted implies that you have more time to learn!

So, in homeschool, your children do not need to go anywhere. And this saves them valuable time which they can spend on the challenging subjects needing more time to focus on. With the time you save, they might also spend a lot of it getting good rest or doing something useful around the house.

Fewer Distractions Means Happier Children in Homeschool

In homeschools, there are fewer things that can distract your children, so they will be more focused and happier. There are many distractions in a normal traditional classroom. The only distractions that were in class in the past were class clowns. Now you have to worry about messaging, phones, as well as behavior problems such as bullying. There are no such distractions in homeschooling, and this makes homeschoolers happier.

Students do Better Academically in Homeschool

Many studies indicate that homeschooled students do well academically and perform better on standardized tests. This can lead to happier children if they are doing well in their studies and they are highly motivated to get into their best universities and colleges. We are not saying that standardized tests, as well as going for higher education, are the only measures of happiness.

Student-Focused Curriculum Creates Happier Children

Positive Effects of Homeschooling
If we focus on the interests of our children and learn at their speed, this can be a very effective and motivating experience. We believe it produces happier learners in the homeschool. A student-focused curriculum can improve your relationship and inspire them to perform better since they have an interest in the subjects.

You usually hear about getting to the “why” of something, such as why am I learning this? Well, in a student-focused homeschool curriculum, your kid provides the input for the subjects. They are vested and the why becomes because you selected this curriculum.

Engaged and Involved Parents Leads to Happier Kids

Engaged parents lead to better outcomes in a child’s education, according to several studies. We can all imagine the perfect parents, always involved and supportive of our kids, right? Positive outcomes and overall well-being will create a happier environment for all, including homeschooled children.

When you homeschool, you are being engaged since you have to plan and supervise most or all of your kid’s progress. In case you teach with your spouse, you are also very involved almost every day. This bond that you develop makes children happier and results in more satisfying results.

Fewer Comparisons and Testing in Homeschooling

Less testing, as well as reduced amounts of comparison in homeschool, also makes children happier. One significant factor that sets many learners into a frenzy is examinations. We all get nervous prior to taking the dreaded examinations since no matter what age we are, even children feel the stress of this and can lead to very unhappy students.

Note that parents may go to the extent of petitioning their school board for their children to sit out standardized testing when they feel it’s overboard. In homeschool, you can evaluate your child in a range of ways to ensure that they are learning the material.


When you are engaged in your homeschooling, then your kids will be happier. You should always motivate and support them wholeheartedly. Whenever possible, praise them for their efforts.


When your child is homeschooled, they get to measure their success by the achievements that they have obtained. Their progress and results are of great importance to them as well as their parents. This self-assessment will result in a happier kid.


Your kids will be happier in their homeschool when you are involved. You should participate in the weekly or monthly gatherings of other homeschooling families. Your kids will have fun with friends and you will make new friends as well.


Homeschoolers get to learn about the world at their own pace and they can communicate with others. They are not restricted to a certain amount of time, but rather get to learn more than what is taught at school.

Having access to technology in your homeschool also means that you can connect with people from any corner of the world. You will be able to share your knowledge with them and they will share theirs with you. In this way you can build a network of friends from all over the globe who are interested in similar subjects.


As mentioned earlier, homeschooling does not usually require specific times to be scheduled for classes or homework assignments. You can also take advantage of free, online tools and programs that you can use to help your kids.

Better scheduling is made possible in the homeschool environment since it is you who are developing the curriculum for your kid or kids. Because there is no time limit to complete a subject, you have more time for teaching and studying on a daily basis, whenever you want to.

You will also have control over the setting where you decide to teach your child. You can choose a location that is comfortable and allows for an environment that is conducive to learning. Homeschooling saves on commuting costs as well since you only need to go from one place to another when it’s time for meeting up with the other parents.


When your students are homeschooled, you get the chance to connect with them on a daily basis and teach them about everything from how to do basic arithmetic up until advanced grammar. You can even ensure that they continue the lessons beyond what is taught in public school by setting up additional classes outside the home.

Parents who homeschool their kids can also take on leadership roles in different organizations that are related to their field of studies. They can take part in workshops or courses and teach them about a variety of subjects from art, craft, and science to history and many more.

Wrapping Up

The idea of homeschooling your children can be challenging initially, but there are many benefits that you and they will experience. You’ll have more time for teaching them everything from basic arithmetic up until advanced grammar–and even teach beyond what is taught in public school with additional classes outside the home.

Homeschoolers also have access to technology which means they can connect with people all over the globe who share their interests or knowledge. The scheduling aspect of homeschooling is easier than traditional schooling as well because parents develop a curriculum that works best for their student(s) and take advantage of free online tools when possible. It may be challenging at first, but it pays off in so many ways!

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