FAQs about Accredited Online High School Diploma

American high school diploma onlineThe High School of America offers a fully accredited American high school diploma online program. Students who enroll in The High School of America to earn their high school diploma do so for various reasons including:

Whatever your reason, we will work with you to customize a graduation plan that fits your needs.

Do you at times think about earning a high school diploma in one day? Well, even though this may not be possible, you may earn it sooner than expected. To earn a diploma from The High School of America, you will need to complete a total of 20.0 credits in the subjects shown below, with a minimum of 2.0 credits.

How Many Credits does the Diploma Program have?

Our interactive American high school tuition offers a curriculum with a total of 20 credits. It includes core courses such as English and math, plus the option to select from various electives courses.

Who Should Enroll in the Diploma Program?

If you have more than 2.0 credits remaining to complete your high school diploma, this is the best and most cost-effective option for you. If you search widely, you can even be lucky to get enrolled in a free online high school program.

How Do I Know What Classes to Take in an Online Program?

After providing us with your transcripts, we will complete an evaluation and then assist you with determining which courses you should take.

Is the Diploma Affordable?

American high school tuitionWorking without a high school diploma may prove financially challenging. However, the High School of America offers a competitive tuition at about $999. If you pay in full, you can save an extra $200 and only pay $799 for the course. Payment plans are available for students who need an option to pay for their studies. Students who select the payment plan option are required to make and commit to regular monthly payments. Feel free to check our American high school course catalog , fee payment policy, or contact an enrollment counselor to learn more.

What is your Refund Policy for the Diploma Program?

We give absolutely no refunds after five business days. A student who withdraws from our program must contact the registrar’s office to obtain a withdrawal form that must be fully completed, signed, and returned. The student will not be considered withdrawn from any of our programs until the withdrawal form is received. Click here to learn more about our refund policy.

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