Options for International Students Who Desire to Obtain an American High School Diploma

American high school diploma for international studentsSometimes international students prefer to pursue an American high school diploma. Here at the High School of America, we receive inquiries from all around the world asking about attending our online high school to earn that desirable American high school diploma for international students.

We live in a global environment, and therefore integrating international students into our school is only natural. Online high school is the perfect solution when you live outside the US but desire an American-style education. you can log in and study while following a personal schedule, eradicating the potential challenge of time zone differences as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. We have two types of international students at the High School of America.

American Citizens Living Abroad with Their Family

Parents of American students may have jobs like business executives or engineers, missionaries, or those in the military that take them abroad. These overseas periods tend to be temporary, or sometimes even require frequently transferring to various locations. Remarkably, these career opportunities for parents can be less disrupting for their children when the classes can be taken online.

No matter where in the world one is residing, these American students can study at an American school by studying online. High-speed internet connection is a fundamental requirement.

The students can continue their schooling, beginning their online courses at the High School of America from the end of the last semester completed at their previous school. If moves are required while overseas, there’s no need to have to change to a different school since the online school goes with you. After returning to the USA, you have the choice of continuing with your online school or returning to your former school.

Foreign Nationals Who Desire to Attend College in the Us

Earning an American high school diplomaWhen the time to apply for college comes, American students typically take the SAT or ACT test, whereas foreign students take the TOEFL test. We frequently hear from foreign students who desire to attend university in the US that they prefer to take the SAT instead of the TOEFL. Earning an American high school diploma may help get ready to do that, by familiarizing you with American study techniques and the coursework itself.

Students who feel limited by education in their own country tell us they are looking for the freedom to learn in an environment that offers a real-life application to assist them in becoming better-rounded personally and academically. Attending a US-based online high school like the High School of America, you can study like an American and earn an American diploma.

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