Accredited Online Homeschool Programs

An accredited homeschool curriculum is approved or certified by an outside accrediting agency.

Accredited online homeschool may translate into a smoother transition for your teenager into college or public school. An accredited homeschool curriculum is approved or certified by an outside accrediting agency. Homeschool programs do not have to be accredited, but accreditation makes it official that the school’s curriculum has been evaluated by a third party that gave it the thumbs up. Schools that are certified have a curriculum aligned with what the accrediting body believes should be taught.

Best Online Accredited Homeschool Programs

When determining whether or not you are going to use an accredited homeschool program, you must look at the advantages and disadvantages.


  • An accredited virtual homeschool institution teaches lessons that are deemed suitable by the accrediting body; the readings may not be in line with your belief or what you think is significant.
  • Character instructions may not be foremost in the curriculum.
  • You are committed to a more rigid schedule; if you decide to add several lessons, it could extend the learning sessions.
  • It may be more challenging to personalize lessons for your kid.


  • You can feel confident that your kid is learning material appropriate for his or her grade level.
  • Your teen can easily transit into a public school or a private school.
  • You are more likely to receive a transcript and grades that record your child’s accomplishments and serve as a record for future scholarships.
  • Your teen will perhaps receive a homeschool diploma, stating that she met standardized requirements for graduation.
  • Your child will have a full program and must develop time management skills to complete assignments and stay on track.
  • There is some Bible-based accredited online homeschool curriculum available.
  • The homeschool curriculum will keep up with records for you.
  • It may be easier to network with homeschoolers who are using a similar curriculum.


You can use an accredited online homeschool program and still include lessons that fall in line with your beliefs. The school day may be longer, but scheduling is up to you. Due to the flexibility of homeschool education, you can opt to have half-day sessions on Saturdays, incorporating individual life lessons or spiritual instructions with fun field trips or group outings.

How Do Learners Study

Homeschooling for Children

Your kid may learn through accredited online programs and complete classwork on the computer.

An accredited online homeschool curriculum can be similar to attending a public or a private school at home. Your kid may learn through online programs and complete classwork on the computer or your child may receive an offline education, primarily depending on textbooks. A combination of both online homeschool and offline schooling is also possible. Most programs use videos. An accredited online homeschool program is likely to be similar to a distance education program, so how the students are taught is as varied as the programs themselves.

Best Free Online Homeschool Curriculum

Enrolling in a free online homeschool program provides learners with a flexible curriculum, additional homeschooling resources, and valuable time for other activities and family life. With various options available, parents and learners can find the best program to suit their families. Free online homeschool resources and curriculum are accessible for grades Pre-K through 12.

Free Online Homeschool Placement Tests

A free online homeschool placement test is a handy tool for discerning precisely where your kid fits in a curriculum itinerary. These tests can bring to light the subjects where your child excels and also the areas in his academics that present a deficiency. For parents who are just beginning the homeschool adventure with their kid, it is a wise step to start this journey with a placement test even if you don’t plan on using a particular homeschool curriculum.

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