Most of us spent our childhoods in a brick and mortar school. And while it was fun to play with friends, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and go on field trips, it was also a pretty rigid experience. Some students had trouble keeping up with schoolwork because they were sick or moving around too much, and others were just bored by the curriculum. Now that you’re an adult looking for higher education options—whether you have kids or not—you might be wondering if accredited online high schools are right for you. We’re here to tell you they are! But first: What is an accredited online high school?

What is an Accredited Online High School?

An accredited online high school is, as you might have guessed, a public or private school that offers an accredited high school diploma. Students can take classes at home, at their own pace and when it’s convenient for them. In addition to the standard requirements for graduation from a brick-and-mortar school (a certain number of credits in specific subject areas), students must also demonstrate proficiency in reading and math.

Accredited online high schools are generally thought of as being private institutions, but this isn’t always the case; some states offer full accreditation to online public schools through their state agencies and departments of education. If you’re interested in pursuing your degree from an accredited online high school and live in one of these states—Arizona, California, Idaho or Louisiana—you’ll have plenty of options available!

Get a high school diploma from home with an accredited online high school.

If you’re looking to get a high school diploma at home, but want the security of an accredited online high school, look no further. A few clicks of a mouse and you can be enrolled in one of our many accredited online high schools.

Our accredited online high schools offer all the same benefits as local brick-and-mortar institutions: from low tuition costs to flexible schedules and small class sizes. They also provide great opportunities for students who can’t attend school in person.

For example, if you are recovering from an illness or injury that prevents you from going to school on campus, then taking classes through an accredited online high school may be just what the doctor ordered! Or perhaps your family is currently living overseas; enrolling in one of our accredited online high schools means that no matter where life takes them next year (or even this summer), they’ll have access to quality education whenever they need it most!

How is an Online High School Different from Home Schooling?

  • Online high school students take classes online, while home school students usually have a teacher.
  • Home schooled students can take classes at their own pace, while online high school students usually have a schedule.
  • Online high school students can learn from anywhere, while home school students have to be at home to do so.

Advantages of an Online High School

The benefits of an online high school are numerous.

First, when you enroll in an accredited online high school, you’ll have the freedom to choose the classes that suit your interests and schedule. You don’t have to worry about getting up early for morning classes or chewing your nails over whether or not your teacher will be missing from class again today.

Second, with an online high school, it’s quick and easy to get help from other students and teachers when you need it—plus there are tutors available if any questions come up during class time! The convenience factor alone makes this a very attractive option for many people who want better academic performance but don’t have time for traditional schooling environments.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—an accredited online high school offers one of the best routes toward earning college credits while still living at home (or wherever else you’d prefer). With this type of educational institution setting up shop all over America these days (and even abroad), many students feel more comfortable attending these programs than they would if they had left their homes altogether; they’re still close enough by so that they can visit often enough without having too much trouble juggling extracurricular activities like sports teams or clubs at school/work related events with study groups outside those spaces

How to Choose an Accredited Online High School

If you’re looking for an accredited online high school and have no idea where to start, know that it’s not an easy process. You don’t want to end up learning the hard way by making the wrong choice. To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of tips and questions to ask yourself before choosing an accredited online high school:

  • Check accreditation! It’s important that your prospective school is approved by one or more independent organizations, such as NEASC or CAISSE. This means they have been recognized by experts in their field as having met certain qualifications and standards for both quality education and academic integrity.
  • Does the course content meet your needs? Some courses are offered at different levels (think middle school/high school level), so make sure you find one that fits your learning style. If there aren’t many classes on a subject you want covered in depth, look into taking some independent study courses instead—these are often available through local community colleges or public libraries near where you live—or consider switching schools altogether if none seem right at first glance!
  • Do teachers provide individualized feedback whenever possible? Good communication between instructors/professors ensures timely responses when students need extra help understanding concepts or overcoming obstacles along their path towards success; without this kind of responsiveness among educators early on during their enrollment period then nothing else matters because failing grades will go beyond embarrassing into truly debilitating scenarios down

How an Accredited Online High School can Help Students

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Accelerated learning

You can enroll in an accredited online high school from the comfort of your own home and at any time. You no longer have to worry about missing school due to a medical condition or moving to another state or country. An accredited online high school can help you learn more quickly than other schools because they use digital resources that are more readily available than printed textbooks and other materials that are only available at brick-and-mortar schools.

​Accredited online high schools provide flexibility, flexibility, and convenience. They also help students who have missed school due to a medical condition, move at their own pace.

  • Flexibility:

Online high schools allow students to take classes at their own pace, which means you can move quickly through a course if you’re an advanced student or take your time reviewing the material if you need extra help. For example, if you were hospitalized because of a serious illness and missed some of your classes, an accredited online high school would let you catch up without being penalized for not attending every day.

  • Flexibility:

If your child is struggling with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the right online high school might offer flexibility when it comes to timing assignments or allowing them to retake tests until they pass. Many online schools also offer free tutors who can help students work through any issues related to their disabilities. Even if they don’t have these services themselves, they will likely be able to refer students elsewhere who do provide them—another reason why choosing one that’s accredited is so important!


While homeschooling may seem like a viable option for parents who want to give their children the best education possible, there are many advantages to online high school. Online high schools offer students the flexibility to take classes whenever they want, as well as having access to teachers and other resources that traditional schools might not have available. In addition, they are much more convenient since students can work from home without worrying about being late due to traffic or weather conditions outside!