The academic counselor is responsible for assisting students in identifying and reaching academic goals.

  1. Create an academic action plan for each student on caseload.
  2. Meet with grade team leaders to review students’ academic progress
  3. Refer students for services such as tutoring as needed.
  4. Meet with students individually to help them overcome barriers to academic achievement
  5. Make monthly calls to parents to discuss academic progress of student as well as to inform of helpful resources
  6. Track academic data for students and input into data system.
  7. Conduct activities and programming to help students improve academic skills
  8. Attend weekly Staff meetings; and provide updates to colleagues regarding the college going process for the program
  9. Conduct workshops for students to help them strengthen study skills and
  10. Schedule enrichment trips for students


  1. Bachelor’s Degree required.
  2. At least one year of experience providing counseling or instruction to high school students
  3. Strong interpersonal skills.

Please send us your CV’s to [email protected]