A Full Gude to 8th Grade School Online (Middle School)

Do you have a child in 8th Grade? Do they seem to be struggling with schoolwork or just need some extra help in the subjects they are not doing as well in? If so, then you’ve just found the right place for them! Our online middle school classes will teach your child everything they need to know about their 8th-grade curriculum.

The classes are created by experts who work closely with teachers and students from all over the country. They provide video lessons, interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests. This is an excellent way for your student to get ahead of their studies before starting high school or college!

Benefits of Taking 8th-Grade Classes Online

The benefits of taking a middle school online are obvious. You get to stay at home, study what you want, and still make good grades in the process. Here are some advantages of studying online:
Tips for 8th-grade students

  • You can take courses from anywhere – This means that you have access when on vacation or just plain bored at home. You can also take them to work without the hassle of going to school.
  • You have more flexibility – When you take an 8th-grade class online, you get to choose when and where you complete your work. You can make a schedule that suits your life and can fit in your classes before or after practice, during lunchtime, or even right before bed when you have time for yourself.
  • With online middle school, math, language, and art are way easier. You can always pause and rewind a video to understand a concept, something that’s not common in traditional classes. You can fit them into your life without forgetting about other things going on in it.
  • You get great teachers who communicate healthily – High School of America’s online classes are taught by excellent tutors who understand just what you exactly need to succeed in your middle school.
  • You get used to technology and professional communication – we use various methods to communicate with students, from sending out emails regularly that explain the material and what it is meant for and including website links that may help you understand the lesson better. We also incorporate live chats so that if you have questions or concerns, someone who knows the answer is just a click away.
  • You have 24/7 access to your classes – With online middle school math and language arts classes, you will never be behind in your work because you can log into your classes at any time and get started on it.

This means that if you happen to wake up late one morning, no problem. You can still check in with your class via email or live chat and participate in weekly quizzes or complete assignments at any time that is convenient for you.

Is 8th Grade Important?

8th Grade is a turning point in every child’s educational career. Here are five reasons why:
What to expect in 8th grade

  1. It’s the year that determines whether or not a child will be on track to graduate from high school with the required credits for graduation (which varies by state).To fulfill this requirement, students must complete sixteen specific credits — four of which they must earn in 8th Grade (one credit each in social studies, science, math, and English language arts — all with standardized test scores attached.) During this critical time, a student who falls behind during this crucial time is much more likely to repeat an entire school year later.
  2. It’s the year when students who are still not reading at grade level by 8th Grade are more likely to drop out of high school than those who can read proficiently. This is why many states have used early screening (through third or fourth grades) to identify struggling readers and provide them with additional support before it is too late.
  3. It’s the year during which students select program tracks that dictate what they will study for the rest of their K-12 education careers, including how they will be tested: whether multiple-choice, open response questions, or a combination to produce scores on college entrance exams as the ACT or SAT.
  4. It’s the year when students have opportunities to try a wide variety of elective courses in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), including robotics, computer programming, coding for mobile apps like Instagram or Sporcle, as well as culinary arts – all of which provide skills leading directly to high-growth careers.
  5. 8th grade is the year into which teachers must integrate content from the elementary grades to ensure that essential prerequisites are met before they can progress meaningfully to more advanced levels. For example: At 8th-grade level, children who have not yet been introduced to algebraic concepts such as variables and equations will be unable to pass their states’ algebra tests if they want a regular diploma.
  6. 8th grade is the year during which many students decide whether they are ready to take on high school-level studies. It is also when parents can make plans for after-school and summer programs that will allow their children to reach their full potential by becoming active contributors to our increasingly competitive global economy.
  7. Finally, it is when individuals and organizations with adequate resources can intervene at levels appropriate for immediate impact while getting favorable results that often last a lifetime.

What if I’m already struggling with the content?

If you’re having trouble with any of the coursework, feel free to reach out for one-on-one help. Our teachers are more than happy to ensure that students are grasping the material and performing at their best! Additionally, your teacher will always have some additional tips or tricks up their sleeve to help you succeed in the class.

How Long Do 8th-Grade Quizzes And Tests Usually Take?

We post a schedule for each course at the beginning of every school year; this should explain how often assignments are due and when students can expect to see assessments graded. As a general rule, most such deadlines fall within the range of a week to a month after assignments are due. (And believe us, you don’t want to be that student who turns in their work and then expects it to be returned on time! Punctuality is vital.)

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