Online 6th Grade School

The greatest benefit of online 6th Grade school-based coursework is the ability to complete classes on your own time and in a flexible manner. This means students can work ahead, review material they don’t know or keep up with their studies even when there isn’t time for regular class sessions. Teachers also enjoy many benefits from online 6th-grade school-based coursework, including having access to the students for additional instruction as needed.

High School of America delivers all material on a single site. You don’t need to go searching for texts or other workbooks at home or elsewhere – they are conveniently available on your computer and accessible whenever it’s convenient for you.

It’s also easy to print or download the material for future reference – something that is so important when it comes to studying and preparing work. And you can easily send assignments, worksheets, tests, or other classwork from one student to another through email.

Easy Control of Your 6th-Graders Education

With online 6th-grade school-based coursework, you control the pace of your education! We understand how hard you work and want you to continue working at your own speed without being held back by a limited schedule of classes provided by schools. You can complete as many classes per day as needed (and desired) along with completing all homework set out by your teacher. This is an excellent option for students who have previously dropped out of school or are looking to attain a high school diploma.

The only limits with online 6th-grade school-based coursework are the ones you set yourself! You can do as much as you want and take your time to complete it all comfortably at home. We have designed our courses so that they don’t require additional reading material or textbooks, so there is no extra expense that will come from purchasing these items for class.

Online 6th Grade School-Based Coursework Benefits

1.High School Diploma Options

Most states now offer several options to students who haven’t completed high school (or have dropped out). These options include earning your GED certificate in addition to regular diplomas offered by schools. Earning your GED or diploma through online 6th-grade school-based coursework is a great alternative to regular schooling, as you can work on your own schedule and at your own pace!

2.Additional Courses

With the knowledge gained from our courses, you may be eligible for college or university classes offered by online universities. Some colleges and universities offer free trials of their courses (usually requiring that the student pay a fee if they wish to continue after the trial period). You can also enroll in regular night school classes held near your home.

3.Job Opportunities

what to expect in 6th gradeCompleting high school (or earning a GED) opens up many job opportunities not normally available to individuals without proper training. This includes positions such as medical transcriptionists, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, and nurse’s aides, to name a few.

4.Independent Learning

The ability to study on your own time is one of the greatest benefits of online 6th-grade school-based coursework. You can complete as many courses per day as needed (and desired) without being limited by a schedule set out by schools or teachers. This is an excellent option for students who have previously dropped out of school or are looking to attain a high school diploma.

5.Resume Help

Having completed high school or earned a GED opens up many opportunities when it comes to resume-building activities. No longer will you need to list prior work experience as a ”high school dropout”! Having all credentials, including high school (or diploma), will allow you to list prior work experience more accurately.

6.Easy Grading

There is no teacher to grade your coursework and no one looking over your shoulder trying to monitor how well you’re doing or what resources and help you are using. Our courses are highly interactive with simulated activities where possible, helping you to learn at your own pace and get the most out of each subject matter!

7.Opportunities Abound!

With online 6th grade school-based coursework comes a wide variety of job opportunities, including medical transcriptionist positions, pharmacy technician jobs, and independent writing work from home as a freelancer.

What subjects are taught in 6th Grade?

The sixth-grade core program includes Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, and Mathematics in four class periods daily. Science, PE/Music, and Elective courses round out the seven days.

The 6th-grade year is the most exciting as it is the last one before moving into middle school (7th Grade). In many areas of the country, students will also start this year working on taking either a written or computerized test in preparation for entering high school at 9th Grade. This is called “The Standardized Achievement Test/State Assessment,” in which they receive scores based on how well they did within that testing period.

6th-grade skills checklist-

  1. Algebraic thinking- able to use variables and expressions to describe situations that can be expressed algebraically
  2. Number sense- can count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and fractions.
  3. Patterns- can analyze patterns in the real world or math problems.
  4. Measurement & Data Analysis- have a basic understanding of volume measurement and how it pertains to data.
  5. Geometry- can understand polygons such as triangles, rectangles, etc.
  6. Measurement & Data Analysis -Comparing two quantities of the same kind by analyzing their size without measuring.
  7. Geometry – Ability to tell if figures are congruent when rotated or reflected
  8. Measurement & Data Analysis – Understanding how addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division work with fractions (e.g., using a visual fraction model to add three fractions with denominators; understanding that 3/4 + ¾ = 2/3.)
  9. Measurement & Data Analysis – Comparing two quantities of the same kind and presenting reasons for their answers (e.g., if it takes five workers four days to build a porch, then it would take one worker 5/4 = 1¼ days or 6¾ hours to build the porch alone.)
  10. Measurement & Data Analysis -Answering questions about data by graphing.
  11. Geometry- Identifying basic shapes
  12. Measurement & Data Analysis -Comparing two quantities of different kinds by understanding the concepts of more and less (e.g., comparing the number of students in a classroom to a school district’s population; comparing the cost of supplies to the amount spent on food for an outing.)
  13. Geometry- Recognizing shapes and understanding that geometric figures can be classified and organized using various attributes.
  14. Measurement & Data Analysis – Comparing two quantities without using numbers or symbols.
  15. Geometry -Classifying figures according to given attributes.
  16. Measurement & Data Analysis -Applying basic arithmetic operations and functions within real-world contexts.
  17. Geometry- Identify common angles used in everyday life.
  18. Measurement & Data Analysis -Calculating measurements with objects such as rulers, spoons, pencils.
  19. Geometry- Identifying and analyzing basic geometric shapes
  20. Measurement & Data Analysis -Identify parts of a whole. (e.g., two fractions with the same denominator are equal.)
  21. Geometry – Identify how to construct figures using given clues
  22. Measurement & Data Analysis -Using symbols, such as =, < or > to represent relationships

How to Enroll In Our Online Private 6th Grade School

6th grade skills checklistTo enroll in our online private school program, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will gladly send you information on our curriculum and tuition rates. Enrollment is processed at the start of each month, so contact us today or feel free to browse around our website for more tips and advice on raising successful kids.

  1. You must be a current parent or guardian of a child that has finished the 5th Grade. (Alternative: you are a new homeschooling family taking over the 6th Grade for next year.)
  2. We will contact you if we need any additional information.

In our school, most students take one-to-one individual lessons that we call “tuition sessions.” Some students prefer to take a small class with other students; this option is not available for the 6th Grade at this time, but we could support you in finding a suitable teacher.

We have more than 100 teachers on our staff whose names are listed here. Each teacher has his own style, and each student learns differently; therefore, some students may prefer one type of teacher over another. Our approach is to have various teachers, some of who might be more suitable for you.

What we can guarantee: That you are enrolled in the school that your child will attend for next year, regardless of whether or not your chosen teacher teaches again, and you require no homework on our part: grading, collecting assignments, etc.

We also offer intensive summer courses and year-round private tutoring with an optional 16-week session during spring break. We believe that learning should be fun

What You Need For Your Child’s Education When They Are Enrolled In an Online School

In order for your child to take advantage of the quality education that HSOA Online offers, you will need access to:

A computer with Internet access

We recommend a desktop or laptop computer but can work with most web-enabled devices with internet browsers (such as tablets and smartphones) via our mobile apps. Some services may require extra equipment/software purchase (the cost of which will be borne by the student).

If you have any questions regarding what type of device is appropriate for your child, please call 866-878-5550 before making any purchases so we can help! All sophisticated computers can do everything students need, but some simpler ones lack certain requirements like Flash Player or Java. If you aren’t sure about your computer’s capabilities, go ahead and call us.

An Email Account

An email account that is not shared with any other person (the school will soon begin sending emails to students at their UNC Online email address). If you already have an existing email address, you can forward all of our messages to it by setting up a filter in your email program.

You will need access to this email for important communications from the school, such as assignments. The easiest way to obtain a new student email address is by creating one through Gmail. You are ready to go once you receive confirmation that the account has been set up.

A Reliable Connection

A reliable Internet connection is very important if you plan to learn Online from home. The program can operate with slower connections (such as it might find in an apartment complex); however, the more stable/reliable your home Internet connection is, the greater chance there will be that everything will work correctly when students need it!

Please note: If at any time during the registration process you discover that a part of the system does not function properly on your computer, please call us immediately so we can assist in correcting this issue before enrollment.

Online 6th Grade School-Based Coursework: The Next Step!

With all the benefits online 6th-grade school-based coursework can offer, it’s time to get started! If you’re looking for more information on earning your GED certificate in addition to a high school diploma or are looking for fun and interesting online classes to take (for free!), then look no further.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to put these courses to use (and start enjoying the benefits)! We’ve made our online 6th-grade school-based coursework simple and easy – just like we always do with all of our programs 🙂

Click here now if you’d like more information on how our courses work!

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