Practice good study habits now

College is full of new experiences and such a fun time of life. However, don’t let yourself forget that you’re mainly there to learn, study, and grow, becoming qualified for a life of future jobs and a fulfilling career. In order to get there, you’ve got to have the best college studyhabits to rely on. One way to begin practicing being on your own is to switch from traditional high school to an online high school like High School of America. With individual online high school courses, you’ll be able to decide your schedule, work at your own pace, and receive the help you need. Colleges across the nation are recognizing accredited schools like High School of America and appreciate the self-sufficiency that online learning provides. Smart study habits you should start to form now are:

  • Stick to a schedule
    • Plan out your week every Sunday and then review your schedule every night for the next day. You’ll need to set aside certain times for studying, going to class, working, and attending social events. There is time for everything, but only if you manage it carefully and stick to it. Start practicing now by planning out your day but allowing wiggle room for spur of the moment things. Stick to your schedule as closely as you can. You can always adjust it as you go.
  • Don’t cram
    • Studying in small spurts is much better than trying to cram during an all-nighter and fatiguing yourself. You won’t learn as well if you don’t take breaks and especially if you’re not getting enough sleep. If you’re cramming now while in high school, try to get out of the habit and practice managing your study time better. Taking online high school classes is a good way to start practicing being in charge of your own schedule and planning accordingly.
  • Find study groups and tutors
    • The first few days of a college class are the best time to find a study group. Reach out to classmates so you can get together regularly to study, or if you’re absent, they can take notes for you. If a concept is difficult to understand in one of your classes, use the available tutors. Practice this habit now.Individual high school courses have resources for students as well if you need extra help from home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    Read the textbook

    • Most college students assume that the textbook for a class is just a reference or a guide, but in reality, it’s usually the entire course. When you read the assigned readings before class and then listen as the professor reviews it during their lecture, you’ll be much more aware of what’s going on and be able to absorb the information better. It can feel like a lot of reading, but when you split it up and manage your time well, you’ll be able to handle it no problem, and your grades will improve.

Health and Wellness

Getting enough sleep is so important

You can’t practice any of the above study habits if you aren’t feeling well physically or mentally. Getting sick or dealing with a mental illness is the last thing you should be worried about while in college. To avoid this and get the most out of your studying, make sure to develop and maintain the following good habits in college:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Sleep an average of 8 hours a night
  • Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces of water daily
  • Eat fruits and vegetables, cut back on sugar, and take your vitamins.

How to Make Forming Habits Easier

Make new habits easy

Creating habits is difficult because while we are motivated at the start, one mess up can make us feel like giving up. Your brain is used to the habits you already have and will need to replace old habits in order to stick to new ones. To make forming habits easier, you’ll have to make old habits harder and new habits easier. This example from Study Smarts explains how making old habits harder can help you establish the new habits of a successful college student.
“TV was my old habit. I had an established routine in the evenings of bedtime routines with kids, collapsing on the couch and flipping on the TV. To be clear, this isn’t necessarily a bad habit. I really enjoyed relaxing this way in the evenings, and I will continue to watch my favorite shows. But this habit was the trigger keeping me from exercising every evening. So, I did a couple of things to make the habit harder.”
The author continues on to explain that she made her old habit harder by closing the doors to the TV cabinet, putting remotes in a basket out of sight, and unplugging the TV. She made the new habit (exercise) easier by planning ahead. She’d lay out her exercise clothes the night before, have her workout machines ready, and download playlists and podcasts to her phone.
The easier you can make your desired habits, the smoother your transition will be, and the more prepared you’ll be for college. Consider getting a head start on controlling your own schedule by enrolling in an online high school program. Contact us today to find out more about the admissions process at High School of America.

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