Eleventh Grade Classes

11th grade is a time of change for many students. 11th graders are on the brink of adulthood, and High School of America helps these students prepare for what’s ahead. Our online courses are made to help 11th graders stay engaged in their learning with interactive lessons at their own pace. With so many different options available, both early and adult learners can find something that suits them perfectly.

Is 11th Grade Important?

11th grade is the year that juniors must make significant decisions affecting their future and personal development. They can decide if they are ready to attend junior college or need another year at high school. 11th-grade courses allow students to explore new options while remaining in high school.

At this stage, students develop leadership skills through clubs and are expected to research on their own and present what they have learned to fellow students. 11th graders also have the opportunity to work on extracurricular activities and gain valuable work experience before entering the real world. 11th graders show maturity during these activities, which may not be seen in former years. Junior colleges allow their students to choose two electives for their major courses (elective courses are different from core subjects). Most of these courses can only be taken at this stage.

Courses in Grade 11

The 11th-grade homeschool curriculum comprises of:

  • English
  • Mathematics (Algebra or Calculus or Precalculus)
  • Science – Anatomy and Physical Science
  • Social Studies – World History
  • Foreign Language (French or Spanish)
  • General Elective (Fine Arts or Computer Science or Physical Education or Music Technology)

General Electives

High School of America offers an extensive selection of electives in different subjects like Science and Health, Art, Business and Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice, New Media, Internet Technologies and Health Sciences

  • IT – Introduction to Computers
  • GD – Introduction to Game Industry
  • IT – Introduction to Web Design
  • BA – Entrepreneurship
  • Criminal Justice – Crime scene Technology A
  • BA – Intro to Marketing
  • SAT Prep

Is 11th Grade Hard?

11th grade homeschool curriculum
11th grade is exactly like 10th grade – except that it’s harder. And while that might be true for some classes, your adaptability will depend on what expectations you have and how those expectations align with reality.

So, what is it like? We’ve compiled a list of things that surprise high school students about 11th grade:

a.You’ll have to do your homework

11th grade brings one reality back into focus – by the end of the year, you will be responsible for doing the majority of your homework and figuring things out yourself. Maybe you thought it was someone else’s job up until this point. But by the end of 11th grade, you’ll understand that responsibility is yours.

b.0 ft. 0 in

That’s how much of your social life you will sacrifice to stay on top of things: In 10th grade, you probably got home from an extracurricular activity and watch a movie or play a video game with friends until 1-2 am. But 11th grade is a time to wake up early, start school, and do work until 6 pm. You might not find much time for anything else, but it’s possible.

c.It’s up to you if you want to excel

The fact remains that no one in your class will feel as competitive or driven as you are – and they really shouldn’t. It is your life, and there’s no reason why you can’t be in the top 1-2% if that’s what you’re aiming for! Work hard now, or try to get it all done at once – and likely fail.

d.At home, your parents won’t necessarily guide you anymore

We can promise that by the time 11th grade rolls around, you’ll know how to use a computer (and have an iPhone) better than anyone else in your family. Once high school starts, expect them to step back and leave you on your own as far as devices go. They’ll still help out if necessary, but they know this is for the best!

e.You have more freedom now than ever before

You don’t need permission from any adult at this point. If you want to take something apart in the garage or go to a friend’s house after school, you can do it. You’ll have more freedom than you think – and don’t abuse it.

f.Your importance will increase

The amount of respect you get from your parents grows exponentially at this point for obvious reasons. Your parents are proud of you! And they’ll show it by buying you things like smartphones and going out to eat with your friends while dropping the check on their bill every once in a while. Don’t be surprised if you start getting tips for jobs well done as well.

g.You won’t feel any less stupid compared to other students

It might take months into 11th grade until you realize that you’re doing just fine – in fact, maybe better than most. You’ll eventually catch up to the curve and level out a bit when it comes down to your grades.

h.You can’t “wing” a test anymore

Your parents probably won’t pay for another semester of classes or let you skip one if your GPA falls below 2.0. The consequence is real, and it’s time to start working hard – and quickly.

i.As dumb as this sounds, remember how cool it feels to have made a new friend

It was probably around 10th grade when you swore never to make friends with someone at school again because of all the drama associated with high school cliques and factions – but by the end of 11th grade you’ll realize that your classmates are for the most part, pretty cool. Don’t worry if things feel awkward at first – they do every year!

j.11th grade is when hard work becomes second nature

It all starts to click in and make sense – but only because up until now, you’ve put in so much time and effort into learning and retaining new information. You start feeling like school isn’t an uphill battle anymore because you already know what needs to be done.

k.At this point, you should be making a game plan

You’ll soon learn how to prioritize your work better and manage your time more efficiently. It might take months before you get the hang of it, but once you do, it’ll make life so much easier.

How to Prepare for 11th grade (6 SOLID Tips)

The 11th grade is one of the most important grades in high school. Not only does it set up the rest of your academic career, but also, graduating from this year means you are a year closer to reaching adulthood.

All students can benefit from the following tips:

1.Use Your Time Wisely

This is one of the most common pieces of advice that teachers give out, but it’s worth repeating. For example:

During class, you can get distracted by people playing around and not pay any attention to the teacher. You might also be wasting time reading a book when that same amount of time could be used to ask questions or do your homework.

Be aware of these distractions and try hard to limit them as much as possible to not fall behind in schoolwork.

Also, college-bound high schoolers will have plenty of busy work during their senior year (senior project) along with dual enrollment or AP tests throughout the year, which is why it is important to use your time wisely during this crucial year.

2.Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keeping your eyes on the prize is all about staying motivated and pushing yourself through hard times. Instead of hating schoolwork or whatever else you’re going through, look at the bigger picture, which is the many opportunities present to those who excel in high school.

3.Know Where to Get Help and Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For It

Getting help early can make a world of difference. Most teachers and staff members will be more than happy to help you if you ask them, especially when they know that there are problems with something (for example, you can request your teacher to be critiquing any papers you need help with).

4.Figure out How You Work Best

High school teachers do not care about how much time it takes you to get an assignment done, how long you spend doing homework in one sitting, or whatever other circumstances. That is why it’s imperative that you figure out how you work best and use that to your advantage.

For example, a slow worker with great memory retention/retrieval skills can memorize the material quickly despite not being able to write fast. This means they would do better with homework in short bursts rather than marathon study sessions when studying for finals etc., is concerned. But AP tests are something that must be taken under pressure. In this case, shorter study sessions might not help at all, thus making such a student have to depend on longer ones which take up more time and energy because of the effort needed to stay focused for longer periods; potentially lowering their grades by failing to work with their natural abilities effectively.

Now, this aspect is to figure out what works best for you and use that to your advantage. Don’t force yourself into something that doesn’t fit; it’ll only get worse as time progresses.

5.Make Use Of The Technology

Most teachers these days will not object to using their websites or any other information available online to facilitate your education or help material retainment/retrieval. It’s important to at least look into this before dismissing it and doing nothing about it.

6.Consider transitioning to online high school

Many people believe that to succeed in high school, they have to go through the motions physically. They claim credit for their success goes primarily to the physical process of leaving out the high school experience (which naturally requires having a certain amount of maturity and some good social skills).

But let’s not forget how important it is for us as individuals to be happy, feeling positive, have flexible study plans, and live a fulfilling life. Being unhappy or depressed can/will make getting good grades harder; no one wants that now, do they?

If you’re considering transitioning into virtual schooling, don’t hesitate to look into it further. If anything, this may help provide an alternative avenue for you to consider and give some more options if any of the methods mentioned here don’t work for you or cannot be used. Just remember that whatever schoolwork needs to be done has to get done, but there’s nothing wrong with trading in an old tradition to gain a new one as long as it works for you.

Why Enroll In A Grade 11 Online School?

Types of courses in grade 11 and 12
Online classes are a recent trend in high school education. These courses promise flexibility, convenience, and personalization of the curriculum to accommodate busy schedules and multiple academic interests. In addition to addressing unique learning needs, these online classes allow students the opportunity to take challenging and engaging courses with some of the best instructors in the country. Here are seven reasons why every student should consider taking their next class online:

1.Flexible scheduling

Online classes offer an alternative way for high school students to participate in electives or advanced level courses that they might not otherwise have access to because of scheduling conflicts (after-school sports, work, and family obligations). Participation in more than one course while still completing homework assignments is doable when all schoolwork is easily accessed online and not dependent on regular classroom time.


The convenience of scheduling classes and completing assignments at a time that fits better with your schedule makes taking an online class an easy decision for most students. Many college courses are now available to take during high school, providing another route to a degree in addition to the traditional path of undergraduate study after graduating from high school. These credentials allow students to advance more quickly into professional careers without returning to formal education later in life or incur the expense of enrolling in a graduate program immediately following graduation from high school.

3.Focused attention

Online classes are automatically convenient because work can be completed at any time, day or night. Still, these classes can also be more effective for students because they eliminate distractions from the classroom and allow instructors to ensure that they complete assignments as expected.

4.Personalized education

Online classes are an excellent option for students who find it difficult to adjust to regular classroom settings or have trouble concentrating in a class with multiple distractions. Instructors of these courses work one-on-one with each student providing individualized instruction designed around their learning needs or interests rather than relying on lectures and assigned reading material.

5.Convenient certificates

Taking a few online classes toward completing your high school curriculum is an easy way to earn additional credits towards graduation requirements without interfering too much with traditional coursework such as athletics, extracurricular clubs, and community service. An online high school diploma can also be an attractive alternative for students who are still undecided about their academic future but want to have a transcript with advanced level coursework that they can use as leverage when applying to colleges or enrolling in graduate programs immediately following graduation from high school.

6.Professional credentials

For those students who already know what career path they want to follow, taking online courses toward a professional certificate or degree is an excellent option that allows them the opportunity to save both time and money on their studies without sacrificing the quality of instruction or formal recognition for completing courses at a higher level than others pursuing traditional diplomas.

7.Specialized learning opportunities

Many state schools offer specialized programs such as English-to Speech programs that allow students with severe reading disabilities to conduct their online coursework through a speech synthesizer instead of reading text on the computer screen. The ability to customize school for each student makes enrolling in these courses an excellent option even if your child has learning difficulties beyond typical high school requirements.

Enroll Your Eleventh Grade Student in High School of America

If you are currently looking into programs offered by your local school board or considering applying for college scholarships, don’t overlook opportunities to complete required coursework at a higher level than that available through online high school. The sooner you start exploring your options, the better chance you have of taking advantage of one of these valuable online classes for high school credit during your diploma year rather than waiting until college to take courses in similar academic disciplines and having to complete them at a higher cost.

At High School of America, we believe that every student is uniquely capable of succeeding. Our eleventh-grade program is tailored to help each student achieve their life goals. Contact us today and set up your student up for success with our personalized programs suited just for them.

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